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glitch39 purchased my Denon AH-D2000. Super smooth transaction and fast payment!!! Highly recommend!!!
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Glitch sold me a Xiang Sheng 708b. The transaction was smooth and he was quick to ship it. it was packed well(or so i thought) and upon arrival, everything looked good, except that he used my address as the return address... (wtf?)
when i tried to get the amp to work, it refused. all the tubes glowed and everything SEEMED ok, but i opened it up to see anyway. what i found was that during shipping, the power tube got jarred a bit too much and two of the pins on the socket disconnected from the pcb. i soldered them back on and the amp runs and sounds great now.
I would recommend glitch to anybody, just make sure you know the EXACT condition of the item you're buying. 7/10.
Can't wait to do business with ya again, glitch!

you can damn well bet i'll be modding the crap outta this thing!
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Sold a pair of headphones to glitch39. Very easy and smooth transaction.
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Robert sold me 600 Ohm DT880. Extremely fast shipping, great communication throughout and after the transaction. Nice person to deal with. My highest recommendations. Thanks Robert.
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Sold a Zero DAC. Payment was prompt and communications were all very fast. Great buyer.
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Sold me a DT880Pro recabled with mogami starquad. Fast shipping, fast communication, what more can I ask? Great seller.
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Bought some opamps from glitch39, everything went smooth. Thanks!
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Bought some tubes from Robert. Great communication, well packaged and speedy mailing. I'll deal with Robert anytime.
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I bought Robert's Little Dot MKIV SE. Great communications fast shipping. Thanks for upgrading the shipping methods! The amp is just as described in the FS post, excellent shape.
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I've bought many items from Robert - Woo 3+, Denon D2000, tubes, cables...always easy to deal with, very helpful, knowledgable, and great communication. I trust him with my paycheck, lol.
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glitch39 bought a pair of HD600s from me. Payment was immediate and we stayed in touch throughout the transaction. Nothing but good things to say. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the Senns!
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^Maybe he didn't end up liking them, because it looks like I bought them off of him!

Bought a pair of HD-600s from glitch39. They were in perfect condition, as stated, and the packaging was great.

I love 'em.
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I bought a pair of Beyer pads from glitch39. Easy deal and the pads are in great shape. Extremely satisfied.
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glitch39 sold me a pair of Tung-Sol 6AK5W tubes. Fast shipping (there was a problem with the shipping, but he quickly remedied it), good communication, would do business with again. Thanks.
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This is my second purchase from glitch39 as you can see directly above. He sold me both a pair of Mullard M8161's and a pair of 6N30P-DR's tubes for a very good price. Fast shipping, good communication, highly recommended. Thanks!
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