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Best of: The corrs

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Damn good cd !!!!

esp all the love in the world love that airy song
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I'm sorry (probably going to p** off a lot of people here but I don't care) but I CANT STAND THE CORRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you.

Word of explanation.

About a year or so ago when they were being played all the sodding time on my local radio station, you could be guaranteed that they would be played AT LEAST 5 times a day. Now imagine having the radio on 5 days a week (this was at work) and you can see how I come to detest the band so much.

There was one prime example where the station (which shall remain nameless)played the same Corrs song 4 times in the same day, then some school kid comes out of school and requests it. ARRRRGGHH

If you like em fine, but they dont do anything for me..

Rant over
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Well, I think the Corrs are pretty hot (musically and otherwise)!
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Yes, even if you can't stand their music, at least they're easy on the eyes. I don't have any cds of that style, but I think its cool to see a girl on drums.
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LOL @ davidcotton

*quickly calls the radio station and requests a corrs song*

Caroline is not a bad drummer !!

Have any of you guys seen thier unplugged dvd?
damn that good !

I think their best cd is talk on corners but I got a crappy copy
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I have the unplugged CD from them, and it's GODLY, everyone in that band is soooo talented. Listen to "Toss the Feathers" and see how ANY drummer can play it like Caraline!!!
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agreed Caroline is a damn good drummer

but me thinks Jim corr doesnt have talent like the corrs sisters.

*flame on*
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I'm one of those who got bored of The Corrs *sigh*.

I like Forgiven Not Forgotten, I like Radio, I hate All the Love in this World, I hate Breathless, and I can't stand Only When I Sleep.

Threw away In Blue - Some Asian countries got it before the US, and my copy was already gone by the time it came out in the US. Still like the unplugged CD though.
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