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A good IEM without the hiss

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I'm new to head-fi. I heard that this is a good place for audio stuff from a friend. I have a question about what cheap IEMs I could buy. I currently own a pair of marshmallows which unfortunately crapped out. I'm in the market to buy an new pair of IEMs. But, I've tried out the JVC HA-66, but unfortunately, it produces a "hiss" when nothing is playing.

I've heard that attenuators fix this problem, but fashion-conscious as I am, I don't want to connect my headphone to an anttenuator. Are there any cheap (sub$40) IEMs you can recommend which DON'T have the hiss? I know the Marshmallows to be a prefect example of this, but I'm looking at others like the Creative EP-630s(I don't know how that is, either). Thanks for your input!
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It may be the audio source rather than the earphones... what are you using to listen to music?
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I'm using an iPod Nano generation 2. I understand what you mean, but I know there are some IEMs which don't suffer this problem, like the Marshmallows. So, I'm trying to see what other IEMs are like this.
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There isn't really much uner $40 that are great. Stretch a little further and get the Denon C551 for $65 shipped. You will nto be disappointed.

Denon AH-C551
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