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Wireworld Equinox III+, or....???

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I've got some new phones with a dedicated amp coming in a few days and I want to get some good, but reasonably priced interconnects. I will be running directly out of a Planet 2000 to the amp.

I read the flumpus review of the Homegrown Audio Silver Lace and they are currently at the top of my list. However, these Equinox III+ are a current recommended component in Stereophile. Michael Fremer calls it:

relatively inexpensive cable with "an impressively clean midrange" and a top end that is "unencumbered of grain and edge."
Hmmm, anyone familiar with these wires?
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One word of advice as far as magazine reviews are concerned.


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ez, get em both, and do a run off, returning the one you like less.
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I agree with both david and Moo. The relative sound of a cable is so dependent on system synergy and personal preference that reviews can only be used as a general guide. In most cases, you really have to compare them yourself over a fairly extended period, e.g. a couple of weeks of pretty serious listening to be sure. Therefore, get them both with at least a 30 day return period, do some listening and return the ones you do not like as well. IMO.
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Ok. I sent for the Silver Lace IC's and I guess I will follow your advice and order the Equinox III+ as well. I just checked and Audio Advisor has a 30 day trial period as well.

Oh well, this will give me the opportunity to hear for myself the difference in decent interconnects.

Thanks guys,


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