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E-mu 0404 USB Power Supply

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My 0404 USB is in the mail (I'll probably receive it Monday or Tuesday). I'm thinking of replacing the power supply with something of a higher quality. I may or may not use the headphone jack on the 0404 USB, but I'll definitely be using the mic preamps.

Here are two threads that talk about replacing the power supply with a linear regulated one:



Does anyone have any more advice? If I get the power supply from Jameco and the cable with the correct connection, how will I know which wire to solder to which wire? I noticed one of the wires has a white stripe on it, but the other doesn't?

Thanks for any help you guys can give me, I really appreciate it.
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*bumpity bump*
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You probably would want to use an inexpensive multimeter to make sure the polarity is correct on the new plug. You could get one of these as cheap as the Centech for $8.95 at Harbor Freight, or something similar. Put it on DC volts at the correct range (20V or 200V, unless it has autorange ). Pay close attention to the - sign on the meter and compare the old power supply connector to the new one.
I don't have a 0404 USB, but most equipment has a small diagram indicating the polarity somewhere near the plug, the center of the connector and the outer ring will be labeled with a + or - sign respectively.
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Thanks for the info da_burl!
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Sorry if I'm in the wrong thread, but my power supply for E-MU 0404 USB just died so I was looking to replace it but someone told me I could use the molex from my PC PSU to power my sound card. Is that possible?


If not, should I buy this kind of power supply: https://www.hama.com/00046587/hama-eco-1000-universal-switched-mode-power-supply


Thanks in advance!


LE: I've tried connecting it to the PSU of PC, seems to work fine, no problem at all. Hope it doesn't harm over time. I actually quite love this way of connecting it because when I turn off PC it will turn of sound card too.

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