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opamp substitute for OPA134

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What opamps is able to replace the opa134 sound quality wise?

Since I cant get my hand on those opa134s I dismantled a broken old sony ld player.
Here's what Ive found

2x BB PCM58P (DAC)
2x RC5532DD
1x NE5532P
6x LF353N
5x RC4558

Can any of these be used?
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The NE5332P is the opamp, it can be used, though it will not sound anywhere near as good as an OPA134. You will also have to increase the voltage for it to work properly
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what about the ne5532an?
its a higher spec version of the ne5532p.

available at jaycar electronics.
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chances are, if you cant get the OPA134, you can't get the OPA 228
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Wait, what are you asking? You gutted a broken LD player and found these ICs and want to know if you can make a headamp from some of them?

The DAC sets the build around late '80s, so those RC4558 are clones (not the 30 year old Raytheon originals!)

Try those National LF353s... these are dual JEFT opamps of ok bandwidth and slew for a headamp, and a battery friendly quiescent drain.

Still those are all opamps, and I think they're all duals at that. Any of them will function as a headamp, the question is how will it sound. I've personally never used any of them... "before my time" I think is the term.
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doh This bites

guess I'll have to look elsewhere.

I got a pair of 590s collecting dust in the meantime

Some1 want to trade some opa134s for something
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Check this link out...it says the NE5532 is a good opamp to use??

I dunno about the RC4558 but the 2nd line says L Ray.
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Hey, that doesn't imply it will sound bad (or good) I was just sayin where they came from... doesn't have any negative implication. "before my time" is only a little over a year, man. re: 553x... it's an audio standard opamp, but again back in the 80s... you'd find em in anything audio.

I just pulled up the datasheets on the others, and yep... they're all dual opamps. So you could go ahead and build a CMoy with a socket in the dual opamp configuration... then just swap em around and find which chip you like the most.

I got a pair of 590s collecting dust in the meantime

If your enjoyment of headphones depends on you having an amp, you're destined for a lifetime of disappointments. 590s are pretty easy to drive.
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Hey, Im a newbie

I just got all the parts I need for the cmoy.
All 1/2w stuff as they dotn have the resistors in 1/4w

The opamp is the ne5534an.

Im getting the opa134s of Trevor in the aus-hifi forum

Opps I missed your Q ealier =) sorry.

Yap I ripped apart an old sony ld player and see if they have the hard to find parts like say the opa134 (wishes really really hard).

They have some alps pots 3 single and 1 dual ganged.
It says 8827 on them not sure if they are good or not.

Im gonna have a field day trying to understand the electronic stuff on the cmoy site

Btw is the opa228 better than the opa134?
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Actually as far as specs go it's probably a worse chip. Well, it's a different chip anyway. You'll have more acceptability if you go with the 134s... it's hard not to like, really. The 228 will sound edgier, more in-your-face, much more forward midrange, and it can be downright harsh... ultimately you liking or disliking the 228 will be a personal preference - which I can't predict.

q1: what is aus-hifi forum? Australian hi-fi web based forum? the newsgroup aus.hi-fi?
q2: who is Trevor, does he sell them alot, can I post him as a .au source of these chips, etc?
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Yap that's the forum. aus.hi-fi newsgroup
Its a pretty damn good ng for audio. I post there regurlarly.

Trevor is the seller of ME amps and some other eq. Im not too sure if he is a retailer/reseller of BB chips. I think he's just trying to help me out hehe.

You could post in the forum and ask i guess.

His name is Trevor Wilson and here is his site http://www.rageaudio.com.au
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yea reading your quad & substitute threads now... that's what it seems like, just him helpin out... ok, so when you go see him, ask him... and report back!
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aye aye Capt'n
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