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I love Dilbert! I have the calendar and it's quite fun reading a new strip everyday.
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Dilbert is a comic?

I had always assumed that Scott Adams was following me around and chronicling my career.

I have noticed that, since I have gotten into supervision, the middle part of my head is caving in. No problem, no one will notice because I am safely hidden in my cubicle!

Now get back to work!
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Perhaps it's important to note that while high-tech firms are often the most depressing with their cubicles, the best places to work happen to be high-tech companies as well. I've worked at a number of places -- one university, one low-tech company, one large international software firm, and (my current job) a small biochem company. My best job was at the huge company, and my current job comes in second.
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It all depends on the culture at your workplace, and individual people, of course. Heck, even w/in companies, different offices will vary in regards to compentent managers and co-workers.
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Favorite comics in order g-l: Bloom County (and outland), Calvin and Hobbes, The Boondocks (YEA!!), and Fox Trot

I'm missing some greats, like doonesbury and peanuts, but I never really gotten to reading those yet. Dilberts cool, I just don't think I relate to it all that much.

My favorite will probably end up being Boonedocks within a couple years. I love that cartoon.
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Boondocks is great, it's not a cartoon for kids by any means, and some of them are a little off-color too which is a big change from your normal sunday morning comics.
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Well, some though of me as Mordac at my last job. Simply because we (the IT department) wouldn't let them install their own programs(but we were nice and let them create a 20gb MP3 jukebox on the network ). So someone re-did a Dilbert VS. Mordac cartoon and put my name on it. I loved it! Enlarged it and framed it and made myself a "Preventer of Information Services badge and wore it for a few days. Still keep it and the "Dogbert: Network Administrator" series on the wall. So far I have read two of Adams books and its scary how much they hit the mark.

Well I got to get back to downgra...uh..I mean UPgrading peoples PCs

The Computer Geek also known as.....
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boondocks is kewl - it's a mini-sociopolitical analysis and cartoon IN ONE!
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