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Dilbert, anyone?

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I know this is extremely off-topic, but i was just wondering whether anyone around here likes Dilbert. By far my favorite comic, besides perhaps Peanuts ( joe cool all the way!)...

My signature is based off of the one when the Secretary gets a crossbow; she walks around striking ppl down and saying, "i am SECRETARY WITH A CROSSBOW!".....

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Yeah, I like Dilbert. Has anything new come out recently? I haven't been keeping up w/ it lately. The star of the show is definitely Dogbert, gotta love his sarcastic & witty commentary. Hehe, "Must... control... FIST OF DEATH!"
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Coolvij, have you listened to "Joe Cool's Blues" by Wynton Marsalis?" I enjoy it quite a bit.
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Actually, serow, i have. I am proud to say my mom got me into jazz by buying me two tapes in like 1995 (not real rich then, not real rich now, though things are better ).

Anyway, the two tapes were Joe Cool's Blues by Wynton and Ellis Marsalis and Duke Ellington at the Cotton Club.

I always loved Joe's blues, but Sir Duke was listened to very rarely. However, as my interests in jazz have expanded - mainly cuz i got into my district's jazz band as a tenor sax - i have begun to appreciate the Ellington tape.

But Joe Cool Blue's will (in warm, soothing, MELODRAMATIC voice, lol) always have a special place in my heart.

P.S. - both of those tapes are gonna be dubbed to MD as soon as i get my R700.....
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Dilbert is ├╝ber-cool... I can't actually think about the seriousness of a meeting anymore. I am always finding references to Dilbert cartoons all over them! It's incredible to see how illogical our jobs really are when you look at them through Dilbert's eyes. I've been reading the comic for some 5 years, and it always hits the mark.

Unfortunately, my boss doesn't get it. Does that mean he is part of the problem?

In fact, my last contribution to Dilbert was headphone based, if you can believe it. I have a cow-orker who brought a set of headphones to the office (some ugly JVC's) so we wouldn't be bothered by the music. The headphones were closed ones. So he puts them on, inserts a CD into the computer, and begins to turn up the volume progressively, up until the point his PC speakers were blasting at full level. I was curious, but didn't say anything, just watched. He stayed like that for some 3 minutes, then stopped the CD, slowly stood up, disconnected the speakers and connected the headphones.

I swear, swear, swear, I didn't made that up!
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Speaking of office humor, Joe, one of the guys that works with us here (and an occassional head-fi'er), was having a typical bad day... he has a mini-tower case for his workstation computer, and it sits on the floor next to his right foot. One day, his knee opens up the CD-tray (pushes the eject button) and surprises him. So he rolls his chair away from his computer, swinging his arms, which then hit his coffee cup -- a coffee cup that falls down and spills coffee DIRECTLY on to the open CD tray.

The kicker is, in that all of this confusion, trying to clean this beautiful mess (within a matter of seconds of the spilling) he takes his hand and starts to fan off the coffee from the CD tray, only CLOSING the CD tray which then causes the computer to move into a convulsive state (reboots, the CD player door is now shaking like crazy, reboots again, speaker starts beeping loudly).

And now, months later, he still wonders why does my computer reboot randomly in the middle of work/gaming?.
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fjhuerta said...
I have a cow-orker...
No, no, no, only MooGoesTheCow has "cow-orkers", you have co-workers!
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Dh, if you worked with them, you would kinow why they are cow-orkers
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I love Dilbert as well. Like someone said above, Dogbert kicks ASS with his sarcastic comments.

Anyone here enjoyed the Dilbert animated episodes on UPN years ago ? I have every single episodes on tape here. Still watch it once a while. Great stuff !


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Dilbert is hilarious until you work for an engineering firm that is WAY too much like Dilbert, then it just becomes scary. One of the clients for the consulting firm I worked in last summer was even scarier. When you walked in, there were cubicles as far as the eye could see. And ZERO communication between cubicles. There were these two guys who worked maybe 10 feet from one another, but there were like 8 walls between them, and they'd communicate through me over the phone because it was too hard to get up and walk over there or something.
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grrr223, amen to that.
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I clearly remember a Newsweek cover that had Dilbert and Dogbert on it. They were staring, emotionless. The cover read "Work is Hell: Why Dilbert is no joke". In small letters you could see Dilbert saying "Help".

Very scary, indeed.

PS I have a pointy haired boss, too!
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Actually, I love reading Dilbert because I talk to my mom about it - and EVERY time, she mirrors it with a horror story from her workplace.

In fact, she said that she saw an on-line survey done on, and it noted that Motorola was the number one contributor of ideas....guess who my mom works for?
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Ha ha, that's funny Cool. One example of how my work place is similar to Dilbert is that there is 1 female in my office, there were 2, but the cute, 19 year old one went back to school .

Ahhh, corporate America
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Where I used to work, my boss had this terrible habit of stealing other people's ideas.

To give you an idea of the kind of boss I had, he called me once to ask me why nobody was receiving the files he was sending. Turned out he didn't know how to "attach a file" to an e-mail..

Worst of all is, besides stealing my ideas, he screwed every presentation he made with them. At least he should have been clever.

PS He was one level below our "beloved" CIO. No joke.
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