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Cheap IEM with nice warranty

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Hi! I used to be using a pair of JVC Marshmallows...but, after almost a year of use, they crapped out on me. I'm not an audiophile (sorry that I'm on here), but I can tell the difference between the Marshmallows and others like the JVC Gummies (bought like 2 pairs, each crapped out in like 2 months), and the iPod ones too. I recently bought the HA-FX66 from JVC which is supposed to be their new and improved version, with silicone inserts, but basically the noise sensitivity was really high so when my iPod volume was at it lowest point, the sound was blaring really loud(though it was immensely comfy). This also added the "hiss" you hear when the iPod's on, but just not working.

So, I'm in the market to buy a new pair of IEMs, and I don't know who to buy it from. I'd like one with a nice warranty, one which doesn't care how much I screw up the phones and whether or not it was my fault. SkullCandy, for example (though y'all hate it...I just didn't like how they squeaked in my ear), gives a lifetime warranty, and you just need to cut off the adapter and mail it back to them. Any IEM with non-fomies (the foam peels) would be great. I'm looking at around ~$50, with sound comparable to the Marshmallow, and something which doesn't "hiss" like the HA-FX66.
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Creative EP-630

Senn CX300

Both are in your price range. I don't know about the warranties, but I have had a pair of EP-630's for close to 2 years and I even use them at the gym. I haven't had any problems with them yet. Even though they are two different manufacturer's the headphones I suggested are pretty much exactly the same. The Senn's seem to sound a little bit better though, especially in the low end. From what I can tell they are also not as bright as the EP-630s.

Also, the cords are different. EP-630s have a standard Y-cord while the Senn's have a behind the neck style J-cord. Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the suggestions? Where can I get these? (like JR, Walmart, Target, etc)
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Consider these as well:

Denon C-351K or W

They can be had at Targét.
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The Maximo phones have good price and sound quality. They also have a lifetime warranty.
Maximo iM-390 iMetal Isolation Earphones For iPod, MP3, Smartphone, PDA, and Air Travel - IMEP-0390-01 - Buy.com
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With Marshmallows UNDER $10 at Circuit City, you could buy five pair for your $50, and be set up for a long time.

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The creative ep-630s might be a good IEM for you. If you wanted to pay a little bit more, you could get Sennheiser cx300s. I'm surprised that you didn't like the air cushions, I have only heard good things about them.

BTW, you could get another pair of marshmallows and put shure e2 tips on them and kramer mod them. Thats what I did, and they sound awesome.
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Well, I mean, I REALLY tried to like the aircushions BUT did anyone else face the same problems (with the cushions or other phones), which is that when nothing is playing from my ipod, there's a HUGE hissing noise comming out of the phones. It's normal to hear a very miniscule amount, but on the cushions, it's a lot, and I need to put the volume on the lowest possible amount on my iPod, otherwise, it's too loud. I would like to preferrably buy a pair of silicone buds - just because they'd last longer, and are easier to clean.

Where can I get the creative ep-630s?
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I sometimes see the EP-630s at Wal-mart. That being said, everytime I have gone there to buy a pair for a gift they don't have any. If not, just order them from Amazon with the links I provided above.
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Pay an extra $20 and get a REAL upgrade. The Denon C551 are on sale from $99 to $68.50 at Amazon. You will be MUCH happier:

Denon AH-C551
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