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Originally Posted by fatcat28037 View Post

This thread was dumb in 2003 and it's no better in 2012.   banghead2.gif


It is actually a nice change from the constant "what r teh best headphones?" threads that constitute 75% of head-fi.

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How bout those skullcandies rolleyes.gif I actually owned a few cheap pairs (titan, hesh, smokin buds) before turning to head-fi. So glad I did
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Originally Posted by RobotsEatCookie View Post


Partially agree. Crazy freaking bass on the MDR-XB700. But you still have to admit-Beats are terrible.


They are not good sounding headphones, but then again neither are most closed headphones. They are definitely not terrible in all areas.


I've heard people here defend headphones against criticism by saying you can't judge a headphone based on its sound signature (seriously, look at the comments to my headphone reviews), but then they lambaste the beats for having too much bass, as if the people buying them don't want that.


Originally Posted by Supertoaster View Post

If AKG or Sennheiser made beats then the prices wouldn't be overpriced, thus they wouldn't be bad value.


This is actually not true at all. If a company sells lots of headphones (like Beats Electronics does), they can have smaller profit margins, resulting in a less expensive product for the consumer.

Why do you think, for example, the Hifiman HM-801 mp3 player is $800? Because of the exquisite audiophile grade electronics inside of it? OR because they know they aren't going to sell very many of them, and have to jack the price up to make a profit?


Now granted, Beats Electronics are spending a lot of money on advertising, but they are selling so many that I doubt it would affect the price much.

And you can't possibly think that $300 for a well built full-size, foldable headphone with an inline remote, detachable cord, active noise cancelling, and a built-in amplifier is a bad value. It just isn't.

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Worst headphones believe it or not - Sennheiser HD 558. The highs were just so piercing to my ears that i couldn't listen to them at all.

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Got some $50 Skullcandy's that ... Blew(?) on me within two months.. Very terrible and the "bass" was just vibration... Terrible headphones

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I think I had a sony or panasonic walkman back in the day.  I remember entire instruments used to be missing with the ear buds that came with it.  But I was like 12 at the time, so I thought I just needed to keep turning it up.  haha. 

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Ultrasone pro750 were some of the worst headphones I've heard, piercing highs, deflated vocals, overbearing bass. They were a mess. However the s-logic did work for me so I tried out the hfi-580 and subsequently the hfi-2200. Couldn't be happier with those smily_headphones1.gif
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Originally Posted by xtreme4099 View Post

alright thats more accurate then --- sub 30 dollar pair...

uhh johnny sack said above thirty dollars

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beats by dre. lolololoolol overpriced trash.

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Originally Posted by fatmaggot View Post

beats by dre. lolololoolol overpriced trash.


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Originally Posted by Eisenhower View Post

If beats were made by AKG, Sennheiser, or Grado, people here would be all over them. Fact.

Even those ridiculous sony mdr-xb700 "extra bass" headphones get respect here and those sound way worse than any beats I've heard.


Most of the worst headphones I've owned were flavors of the month on Head-Fi. 

We don't necessarily hate them, I gotta admit, the build quality is nice, and their designs are pretty good. It is just the fact that they cost sooo much and that so many ignorant people glorify them as if they were the best headphones in the world.

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