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Worst Headphones Ever -- anyone?

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which phones phones take the cake for being the worst sounding ---- as in my dixie cups with yarn ..have better clarity and bass response than these....
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don't ask such a silly question

there are obviously a ton of low-end headphones that don't even deserve mentioning (IE the type that come with cheap tape players or cd players).

I have a feeling you mean which of a respectable pair of headphones (perhaps, maybe...in the > $30 price range) has the worst sound?
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alright thats more accurate then --- sub 30 dollar pair...
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Well, I once thought my $20 mdr-v100 were golden. That was in comparison to most stock earbuds, my other alternative.

But now? They are muffled, bassless, easily distorted pieces of crap.

The Sony noise-cancelling NC-5 was also pretty bad. But it used to get the job done when I was on airplanes.
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Vivanco earbuds...
Koss ~ The Plug
Koss ~ KSC-50

Whilst the 50's may be good value for $15... for nearer $60, like what I paid... terrible!
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Those "street style" headphones by Sony. Horrible, and people actually paid money - JUST FOR LOOKS

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sony streestyles don't muck up their hair, and they can wear them around their necks when not in use. sony saw a niche and attacked it.
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damn duncan... you could've sent me 60 bucks and i would've sent you a pair of KSC-35s.... YOU GOT HOSED!!!!
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sony mdr-v900 gets my vote. $200 for a boomy piece of junk?!
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Koss ~ KSC-50
geez duncan, you and i have polar opposite opinions in cheap cans. you don't like both the PX200 and the KSC50 whereas i love them. why did u pay $60? its too early to tell if we have opposite opinions in expensive stuff just because i dont have the money for it yet
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oh yea, i forgot to mention my vote for the worst cans ever. id have to say the sony sports crap. they really are worse than the shiznit that comes with portable players. and they charge $15 for it. ridiculous.
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I'll go with LobsterSan. Never heard the mdr-v100's, but own the mdr-v200's, and if it's technically possible, they may be even worse.
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sony streetstyle, all sony dj headphones cept for v6 and 7506
my koss ksc-50s are alright...but stay on funny
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Hmm... Modified EX70. Compared to my D66, it has zero midrange, bass, and scratchy treble, and the D66 works better even if it's bass is cut off by external noise.
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