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Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I couldn't find a rule against it... (let me know if I missed it).


I went to Audio Concepts today, and they still have some headphones you can demo.  They had at least six Grado headphones, about five Sennheiser headphones (HD600, HD650, HD700 among them), two PSB headphones (M4U 1 and 2), and I think the fourth brand was beyerdynamic.  They also had a few expensive headphone amps (one of them with a couple of vacuum tubes).


They had a Mac with some music on it for demoing, and I could also use my iPhone, too.


The two issues I had with the place was that:

1. It's a relatively small and fancy store with a salesman who (gently) tries to be a salesman (as opposed to a big box store where you can hang out in an area without being disturbed).

2. I have the HD595 and wanted to want the HD650, but after hearing the HD700 I'm going to have to save some more money....


Of note, because of #1, when I save up for the HD700 I intend on going back to buy them there since I did demo them there.

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they must have gotten new headphone amps.  i was there about a month ago, checking out rega turntables, and they still only had the 2 headphone amps, the rega ear and the fosgate signature.  i almost went buy there today because i wanted to try my 600's with the fosgate.  the salesmen there are typically friendly, and they leave you alone when you start to demo.  whenever i go there to demo headphones, they usually close the doors to that room so you can fully enjoy the headphones.

just out of curiousity, did they still have the psb powered speakers in that room?  i've been thinking about picking up a pair

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2. I have the HD595 and wanted to want the HD650, but after hearing the HD700 I'm going to have to save some more money....

Have them and could never go back to my HD650. Highly recommended as a great pair of cans (especially with a good amp).
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Ooo looks like I will pay Audioconcepts a visit soon. Finally get to test out some true high end equipment

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They still have senns including HD600, 650 and 800(which I found way too sibilant, same as the beyer T1, no clue how either of those could be called flat - I'm a recording studio owner btw and usually mix on Focals). They also have Audeze LCD 2,3,X, and one other which I can't recall, the closed back one. They also have Psb and grado still.

I personally favored the hd600/650 and the audeze 2 and 3. There were also some $300 nad pair I think it was that were decent but I felt the hd600 wiped them for $100 more (just my opinion).

Naim, beyer, mcintosh, nad, rega, etc headphone amps all plugged up.
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How are they for IEMs? I am getting frustrated with online guess-buying! Auditioning is sounding pretty good right now.

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Forgot to post in this thread when I visited them this summer.


Fantastic place, friendly staff, lots of headphones to audition. I'd recommend bringing your own sources obviously, but they also have some iTunes and CD's running out of several amps to try. 



Nope, they don't sell IEM's unfortunately

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There are usually 2 Dallas meets per year, so be on the lookout for those. This year we only had one, but we should be back to two next year. Austin will be sometime next summer.
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