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Another good review from Markl!

I agree with you completely on the late night listening sessions' aspect of better sound quality. I've always noticed this to an extreme degree where I live, in an older apartment building with 90 units. The electric is so poor here, a power conditioner isn't just an option, it's a requirement if you care about having even moderate "hi-fi".

I've always wanted to get a power regenerator from PS Audio, but lack the funds to do so. My only question is if they are so good, why do so many of them show up on Audiogon and eBay? Do those people feel they don't make a difference if they perhaps already have clean power coming into their home? Or are there some other issues with the unit itself?
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One of these is in my very near future. The power in this new apartment sucks! Thanks for the review Mark.
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Originally Posted by johnsonad View Post
One of these is in my very near future. The power in this new apartment sucks! Thanks for the review Mark.
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Oh man, you should have got an oscilloscope for this review. Anything that claims a perfect sine wave begs for that. Would have made for a nice picture, too.
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Ordered one from Music Direct today, B Stock in black with warrenty for $700 dollars less If your on the fence about one of these it is a good time to get one.
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Nice review Mark...my friend just bought one, and loves it.

Another good deal, if you can find one, is an MIT Z-Center. A mint one goes for around $500-600 on A'Gon. I've been using it for years. I have tried many recent entries, and always go back to it. It's one of the very few conditioners that you can plug high current amps into without any negative effects.
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I bought one of the first units (long-timer PS Audio customer here who has tried many of the products they've released in the past 5 years) and was happy with it for more than a year. However, the thing was taking up quite a bit of room, so I decided to try a blind test to make sure it was really making a difference I could appreciate. The difference ended up being very small, so I sold it. Maybe I have clean power (I think it said my distortion level was about 2.8), but honestly it just wasn't worth keeping around. I sold it on Audiogon and used the money to upgrade my speakers...now that was a serious improvement!

Anyway, it comes down to the one basic piece of advice I usually give for equipment here at Head-Fi: the vast majority of your budget should go to speakers/headphones, then maybe start thinking about amplification, then source. Cables and power conditioning should be something you only spend significant money on after you are completely satisfied with the rest (and if it is making up more than 10-25% of what you paid for speakers + amp + source, you are probably not getting the most out of your audio equipment budget).
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In the Old Day's you spent around 10% of your budget on cables or whatever, now that is thrown out the window with all the new stuff coming out!!!
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Well my black Premier came in today. After hooking it all up and getting the system up to spead it went into service. I was lucky enough to get one of the B stock from Music Direct for a considerable discount.

I agree with Mark, this thing is pretty amazing. I can't put my finger on it yet nor review as well as others but in short, it is hard to walk away from the music. It is so much more involving now. The little details are more apparent. They were there before but I wasn't able to grasp them as easily. Imaging is better as is the depth of soundstage and placement of voices and instruments. If this makes sense, it is easier to see the music than before and I can't take my eyes off of it This is all 2 channel BTW, I haven't plugged in any cans yet.

More to follow with a pic with it in the system. Is it worth the cost, well, that is to be determined. For now I am going back to listening with eyes wide open
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With total respect for the time and effort you put into your reviews...

Granted I'm no EE but I'm fairly confident stating that recommending a "custom" powercord ahead of an AC regenerator makes no sense whatsoever and confirms the depths of audiophile madness you have descended into!

I too was once under it's spell but lengthy phonecalls with vendors & manufacturers...with so many direct questions unanswered...(just like our politicians)...I am once again beginning to see the light.
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I use the stock 14g cable that came with it. I was skeptical but open to it as I've had very good results with conditioners in the past. Give one a try, they have a 30 day return policy.
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Hmmm... How did I miss this? Another excellent review from mark that puts this unit on the top of a short list of _toys_I_want_.

Questions: Do you think this would be a good solution for those of us in the hi-fi world that can't have a dedicated line into the listening room? I rent and can't rip holes in the walls of the apartment. Also, I rather do this in pieces and was wondering what your thoughts are on the lower units in the PS audio range? Is there a way to step up to this level? Would you suggest like a furutech power distribution for the time being?

Again, really good info. Thanks!
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wower, I am in the same boat you are, renting for the moment and being in the military I move around quite often. Even though it turns out my apartment power isn't too bad this made a nice difference in my system.
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Sweet! Thank you. I can only dream when others talk of putting in dedicated power lines for their rig. But I don't like when others state it's the _only_ way to get good sound. I like keeping discussion of other options open.
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I going to have to get one of these. I use my computer as source and its connected to the same circuit as my amp. Every time my computer does something intensive I hear crack, pops, gurgling static through my amp. I was never really into power stuff before but after buying a BC86PC filter/conditioner from blue circle most of the noise went away, just random soft static once in awhile but no where near as bad so now I'm a believer of clean power.
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