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Best headphones for the best buck?

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Hi guys, I m considering to purchase finally a pretty decent and good sounding headphones with nicely produced n tight bass for mainly listening purposes and traktor mixing (don't got any equipment yet..maybe a decent mixer in the future...am just trying to begin mixing around for now haa)
Targeting a budget from $100-150USD and <150USD at most if possible.

this is my setup and types of music I listen to to suit my needs so that I can get the perfect one I need

Sound card: Creative X-FI XtremeMusic Card

Main selection of music I listen: Progressive/tech house, minimal, prog trance, downtempo etc (the likes of sasha,zabiela,james holden,hybrid,high contrast,ronski speed etc) (Intend to do house and trance mixes on traktor) Aside from electronic dance music, I pretty much listen lots of rock and metal (especially from likes of rammstein, black rebel motorcycle club n coldplay just to name a few)

Purposes and needs: Mostly going to use phones at home from sound card port (got mylarx3s to power my d2) (won't really be using phones for travelling around unless needed for long trips overseas)

Another thing is I am not intending to amp the headphones up though.

Been researching around a while and I think I have sort of considered some of the headphones in the market along the likes of Grado SR80s, Alessandro MS-1, Beyer DT770 and perhaps AKGk181DJ, HD25SP? but not sure of the prices range and would like to hear more user based opinions on the headphones like their soundstage,balance,bass and would like to know which headphones have the best comfort levels for hours of use? Hopefully you guys could help me out in recommendations based on my needs and the price range of the products.

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Alessandro MS-1 gets my first vote -for your music tastes.

If you love bass, DT770 80ohms are not bad either.
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If you are planning to use them for long trips, ie on a plane, the grados and ms-1s won't be for you. They are very open. If not, they will make a great purchase. I prefer the SR-80s, but the MS-1s might be to your liking depending on personal preference. Not sure either are good for mixing though, because they do color the sound with the grado signature.
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You could find the DT770/80s for around $150 used. They get my vote.
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Try Sennheiser HD 595 or for Your kind of music Sennheiser HD 280.
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If you like neutral headphones with tight bass - you might want to look into HD25 (not sp!). DT770's bass can be uncontrolled at times and MS1 is colored.
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audio technica ATH-A900 or the DT 770/80's mentioned.

most of what i listen to is trance/techno and the a900's are perfect for it. Fantastical bass too
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I recommend Grado SR125-no amp needed. You can get them from Headroom for 135.00. Great for rock--not so sure about techno or house.
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My thought would as follows:

SoundStage! All In Your Head

I'd seriously check them out. On a price to performance ratio they are off the charts. Light, comfortable (as long as they fit), and great sounding. But then, you already understand all that if you clicked the link. The real kicker is that you can find them for a little over $100 on places like Amazon. Take a listen if you can.
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woah thanks for all the replies...great hearing from you guys and your opinions...I am also looking into the comfort levels of the headphones mentioned...how would you guys rate their comfort levels... I know closed back are probably the best comfort levels around like the DT770/A900 though I have not tried them... how about the super-aural ones that sit on the ears like Sennheiser HD280, HD555, Grados? I think from what I read, the grados are pretty bad on the ears for long hours of usage unless you do modify or change the pads? And looking at the countless various models of Sennheiser series like HD280, 590, 555, 595, 600...I am pretty confused in which will suit me perfectly..which model in their line is the best sounding one and best buck for my type of music, though I think the 600 or perhaps 595 is out of range for me. Anyway I am not looking into a serious DJ-headphone but something that is really good for pure listening purposes and of course capable for doing bedroom mixes. Rednamalas1, I think the HD25 would be great.. I have tried them before..but I think their price range is a bit off for me at the moment.. are they any other balance sounding ones with nicely produced tight punchy bass? Cheers
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The ATH-ES7's run for around $100 and they sound pretty good for the money. If best bang to buck ratio is needed though, I doubt anything could beat the Koss KSC-75s : )
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For $50 apiece, you can get either the Sennheiser PX-100 (open) or Sony Eggos (closed)... neither can be beat for price/value, imho.

The KSC-75 is a great starter, but not sturdy or comfortable enough to be a headphone I'd be happy using all the time.
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Anyone likes sa3000, I think it is pretty good in that price range.
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i'd go with the sr80's.. you'll get used to the pads after awhile.
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My recommendations come from experience (with the produces, not overall) and from what I know.

So although I cant say anything about the MS1's or some of the other suggested phones, I can talk about a few.

ATH-A900's/700's. I own the 700's, I bought them for about $120 new, and I believe the price has gone up. You could afford the 700's now, but probably not the 900's (just from basic knowledge, im sure you could find a good deal.)
My 700's are very great cans. They sound good, have sweet bass and an overall nice sound. Comfort is probably an 8.5 out of 10, and noise isolation is a 6 or 7. Watchout they are BIG, and have a 9-10 foot cable. So my guess is you would be using these on your computer. I use my A700's on my computer as well, and I too have an x-fi platinum sound card. I suggest changing the setting to 2.1 speakers rather than "headphones" trust me it sounds better.

PX100's (portable). From many of the portable headphones on the market I have tried out, these are my favorite. For $40 (with a year long warranty from newegg.com) you get some sweet sounding portables. Strong bass, overall good response and a nice sound stage. But they are open watchout.

HD485's. From what Ive heard (both literally, and figuratively) these are some sweet, comfortable, VERY BASS heavy cans, with a nice sound stage. 10 foot cord.

I DO NOT! Suggest getting the HD280 Pros. In one of the studios I sometimes work in, they have a pair of the 280's and I despise them.
They are uncomfortable, flat response (obviously good for studio work) and sound like crap in my honest, newbie opinion. My px100's had more bass than them .

My two cents.
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