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Old Pa

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Just bought some Sennheiser stock cables for HD600 from Old Pa. Transaction went smoothly, and he shipped the cables the next morning as soon as the post office opened.

All transactions online should go this well
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Old Pa is a better man than I

..not that that's saying much!

But seriously folks..

I have had the honor of spending an evening with Old Pa at a Headroom tourstop and I enjoy every post he makes. He's a well learned man and you youngsters should listen to his sage advice.

Oh! This is about buying and selling..

You could not ask for a more patient and considerate trading partner than Old Pa. He went way out of his way to help me and, despite my slow responses to e-mail and my long delay in payment, he shipped the goods within minutes of receiving the funds.

I have to apologize publicly here, John, sorry for the delay.

A-number-1 guy!

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No nonsense. Headphones came a day earlier than I thought they would. Seamless.


P.S. Spaniel hairs free of charge!
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Bought some parts off him while back, very courteous and dispatched the parts real quickly and well packaged...


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I purchased a pair of HD 600 from John and I couldn't have asked for a more polite and courteous seller. John was very quick in replying to my messages and is very eloquent. He is a very conscious and thorough packager. I would recommend John, without hesitation, to anyone thinking of doing business with him.

Thank you again John.

Caliguy100 (Steve)
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I brought a Cardas HD-600 cable from Old Pa, and the whole thing went incredibly smoothly. He shipped exactly when I asked him to, and very well packaged. A real pleasure to deal with, and a credit to Head-Fi.
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Bought a pair of headphones from Old Pa. He communicated really well and was very courteous throughout the transaction. He was also nice enough to send them directly to Headphile for some modding. The cans were packed well and in excellent condition as described. It was a pleasure to deal with Old Pa and would not hesitate to do business with him again. Thank you!

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I bought an RKV Impedanzer from Old Pa. He was a pleasure to deal with, delivering it super fast with a packaging job that should be seen to be believed. Top notch, thanks again!
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Just bought a pair of AT-W1000 headphones from John and you won't find a friendlier head-fier to deal with. The headphones were perfectly packed and his communication was superb.
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Old Pa bought my Beyer DT880s with cardas cables. Great experience.. fast payment.
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