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Finally got our computer back.
All these opamps are good, but I think too many are constantly looking for the newest and best.
I don't have the 2107 yet, but according to PPL it is a warmer sounding opamp than the 627 and is simply a lower or battery powerable 627 Difet. I don't know as it has not arrived from him to test.
I do know that the 627 is great with the proper power supply which makes or breaks it's performance. And it literally smokes with the 634 buffer as one "bad to the bone" headphone amp in just about any configuration. I tried the 634 in the feedback loop, outside the feedback loop, and multi loop with the same great sound.
All of these choices must be related back to the power supply to be used. Batteries can be used with the 634 buffer but at reduced bandwidth. The 627 needs +-15V.
The AD chips are the rage now, but I know there are many, many opamps that have not even been tried by DIYers, and I can't see that much improvement from the 627-Buf 634 combo anywhere.
I also like the 228 and 227 or 2228 as I use it.
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Welcome back Dan. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I ended up using 2134's cause I had them allready. (the cdp they went in uses 6 of them, three per channel. Don't have the schematic and I did not waste my few remaining brain cells to reverse engineer the stages (like I'm that smart anyway ) but the swap out was succesful, with a dramatic improvement in sound quality over the stock njm 4558's that were in it. I was also able to remove the output coupling caps, as offset was not a problem. ) I guess the results were good enough to eliminate my "am I using the best chip for the job concerns.
Now I need to tackle the Denon DCD-3520 I bought last weekend. Looks like one single and one dual for each channel. I need to look further, I think the dual is for the balanced output and the single for the unbalanced, but them traces get tough to follow sometimes! And I think the outputs are capacitor coupled. I don't suppose any one has a schematic...........
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Daniel: yeah, I love OPA2228 in the design I'm currently experimenting with.
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i think the 2228 has a very enjoyable sound.
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Originally Posted by Budgie View Post

I have looked at them, but I will be replacing a total of six opamps and at 20.00 each it may not be worth it. I may consider using them for the output opamps only, though, and keep the 2134's in the other locations. I haven't tried the class A output mod as suggested by ppl, it sounds like a great upgrade. Damn, too many choices!

Hi, do you know where you fond this info ?  thanks

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