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Looking for OPA 2604 source

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The OPA 2604 is out of stock at Digikey until early December. Anybody know where some are?
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Digikey has SO just not DIP...

For DIP, try Rochester... but hurry... only 6 of them

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Why not use the OPA2134?
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yeah, the 2134 sounds basically identical to the 2604 at low voltages, (warm, smooth sound), though at high voltages the 2604 has slightly more detail. But unless your doing direct AB comparasons you probably won't notice a difference in sound, and can change opamps when digikey has them...
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I didn't realise they were that similar. I was going to swap out the 2134's in my cd, for the 2604's, but maybe it wouldn't be worth it. Anybody have any idea's on a dual opamp that would be a step up from the 2134's?
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OPA132 is more superior compared to OPA604 in terms of inner workings. Many mentions OPA604 sound a bit better. However, if you were actually upgrading and not interested in heavy duty experimentation, I would suggest using better opamps like OPA797, AD823, AD825 etc etc.

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2604 and 2132/2134 sound very similar. You can interchange them. But Tomo is right, if you're upgrading try also some other opamps. Be careful though as OPA can work at low voltages and some of the suggested replacements won't work from low voltage batteries.
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Thanks everyone. I will get the datasheets on the OPA 797 and the AD 823, Tomo suggested. The 825 is a maybe, but I will be swapping out 8 pin dip duals and I know the 825 is soic. (and my eye's aren't so good anymore)
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yeah, the AD825 is only available in single, soic, so it won't work directly. But have you seem LC audio's AD825 adaptors? They are a bit expensive ($20), but not too bad considering what you're getting...
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I have looked at them, but I will be replacing a total of six opamps and at 20.00 each it may not be worth it. I may consider using them for the output opamps only, though, and keep the 2134's in the other locations. I haven't tried the class A output mod as suggested by ppl, it sounds like a great upgrade. Damn, too many choices!
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brown dog

at $1,30 a piece (min order=5 pieces), it won't hurt to try these soic to dip adapters on the AD825

But indeed, the lcaudio offering is also very good, because the opamps themselves a pretty expensive too
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You could try the OPA 2107 if you can find it too. It has not been talked about here at all, but is basicly a battery powered or low power version of a 627 Difet which is a dual too. I used to be available as an 8 pin dip but is now only available as a soic.
I personally feel that the 2132 and 132 are better then the 2134 and 134 too. Certainly costs more but the specs are better for the same part. I also feel that better passive parts and silver wire and better parts matching makes more difference than a better opamp these days.
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You may also want to try the OPA2227 wich is a next generation OP27.

I am still waiting for my OPA2227 and still have not build or tested this opamp. I still might try it in double output current or with a BUF634.

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opa2107 vs opa627

The OPA2107 and OPA627 are DiFET, but I think performance-wise, they are not that closely related. The OPA627 is much faster and quicker, has much more open loop gain, better DC precision, lower noise and a beefier output stage. It's also a single opamp part.

I'm sure the OPA2107 has a significant advantage in terms of $$$ though :-)

related to closely.

Originally posted by Daniel Pumphrey
You could try the OPA 2107 ... is basicly a ... version of a 627 Difet which is a dual too....
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OPA2107 seems quite overpriced for the performance it offers.
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