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Now that I have a decent headphone that will last for a while, I have been concentrating on finding some good music. Well, I am a Matrix fan and one of the songs featured in the trailer was Enigma's "The Eyes of Truth". I must say, it is a pretty cool song.. so is there anything else by them that maybe interesting or highly recommended?

I also tried surfing on their official website (http://www.enigma-4.com), but I can't get past the intro page .
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Only all 4 of their albums. My fave is The Screen Behind The Mirror, but Le Rois Est Mort... comes a very close second.

You might want to check out Michael Cretu's early stuff (such as Seven Samurai) but I don't rate it. Just pop cliche.
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Yes I have all four also, great stuff, probably best place to start is newly released greatest hits CD, LSD (love, sensuality, devotion)

Has 18 tracks so you get your money's worth.
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Thanks for recommendations...I'll have to check them out. I also just stumbled over the Enigma FAQ -- very informative website.

Anyway, do either of you know who sang the voices in "The Eyes of Truth"?? And what language is the first part of the song in ? ...I know it isn't French.
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Ask and you shall receive, isn't the internet great?


Strange language listed as "mongolian chant"
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I have only there first CD and i like the entire Disc. This is above the Normal Now days since most have only one or two good selections. If you like this Group then you might want to Check Out Delerium's Semantec Spaces and Karma. Also dead can dance as well as Deep Forest are Similar.
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My favorite Enigma songs are Return to Innocence, Sadeness, and Child in Us.
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The first album is a classic, it is far and away my favorite.
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