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/me just wants to congratulate Joe on the excellent purchase. /me wants one of those!

JMT: I'll bet you charge extra for the minaturization/custom design
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Thanks for the info.......and the amp.......JMT. I guess I'll head out to RS tomorrow and see what they have. I'm curious about the sound with more voltage. I can't really imagine anything better than this, though.
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You like your Cmoy too, eh? Join the club!

We should have a web page devoted to Cmoy building...
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apperhed - i'll probably finish them myself in a few months...i never sleep, except durring classes and occasionally while i'm building amps, leaving the soldering iron on all night

Increasing the voltage does improve the sound quality. you shouldn't excede +/-15 volts (30V single supply) on these amps or you could risk damaging the opamps. note that most wall warts are unregulated and have very little filtering. As a result, the amp will become noisier and may cancel out any benefits of the higher voltages...
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First of all, the 134s have very good power supply noise rejection, so it shouldn't be too bad

Also, my Cmoy sounds fine with 1 9v battery. I ain't complainin'
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Speaking of Penguins living.. Slackware v8.0 was just released at www.slackware.org. Nothing to do with head-fi, however, it is my favorite Linux distribution.
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The wallwart improves sound for me without added noise. I'm very sure that I just get very clean power since every single component I've had that has had less than ideal unregulated power supplies still ended up sounding very clean.

One example would be that the Little Amp was by far much cleaner than the TA on batteries. My wallwart for the TA never added noise either...and the one for the cmoy is just great for home use with the Cmoy and boosted voltage while still being clean as a whistle to my ears.

But it probably depends on your location and luck like living near a hospital or something.
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I think the noise from a wall wart depends on the design and build of the amp. An old wall wart I found lying around current powers my cmoy amp well enough, with no audible hiss coming from the amp itself. However, putting the wall wart in a different amp (my Szekeres) allowed me to hear much more of a difference between a simple wall wart and a regulated power supply.
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