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Lornecherry, are you sure that the Mark 1 and 2 sound the same? I've owned the Mk2 along with the Blu transport. GoRedwings19 owned the Mk1 and has heard the Mk2 and said that they sounded very different to him. I forget the details, but with the Mk1 being more detail oriented and upfront. He didn't like the Mk2. I always found the Mk2 to be very smooth and refined, but not particularly in your face with detail. Having had a number of conversations with Redwings, I think we came to the same conclusions on the sound from the Mk2. You must have the Mk1 as the Mk2 has a power switch.

I always used my Mk2 with the Blu so who knows. I sold the system, kind of regret it, but don't have that much time to use one anymore. I think I would seriously consider repurchasing it, but it really depends on what sound you want from your system. I think compared to other sources it's sound is different. Might be what you're looking for, might not. I imagine it sounds very good with electrostatic systems. I always enjoyed mine with my 010.

Best regards,

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Lornecherry>> Wow-- just starting out with the Head-fi membership and already 1. very helpful and 2. mega-dollar gear. Thanks for the help, feedback on the DAC64-- I would like to snap up an used one. There is an hi-fi store in Philadelphia but he only has new ones.

Jason>> Yes I have read the same thing about the first and second series. The cool thing about the second series is you can get it in black. I do not think the first series comes in black.

Other than being green I do not care about an off switch. I leave my computers on all day 24/7 because most computer power failures start when turning the machine off and on so why bother. Plus so little energy is taken by having most audio/video equipment on because they basically all have standby mode built in. But I understand the green point.

So other than in the UK anyone know where to get an used one?

On the sound and synergy, Elephas is fairly certain a DAC64 and W11 headphone work out well.

I did reach out a second time to Elephas to gauge his interest in selling-- no word yet.
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jjcha ...you are entirely correct. The Chord rep for North America (Blue Bird Music) and I had a chat a year or so back and he confirmed that the MK2 is indeed setup for better synergy with Chord's Blu transport ...and in particular the MK2 was better with fully balanced gear. As I have neither the Blu nor any balanced gear, I cannot comment ...(I can't pass up SACD in favor of a redbook only transport at this point). And I've never heard the MK2 with anything else but the Blu ...so I stand possibly corrected ..they may look, feel and smell the same ...but Murphy's law of high end says they will probably sound totally different.

The endearing quality of the DAC64 is that is one of the few DACs that has not depreciated by leaps and bounds as new technology comes out, nor is the 64 available used very often ...that was a key buying point for me. If I know I can sell it, I'm more inclined to buy and try. But the Chord is a keeper.

Spraggih ..thanks for the welcome ...been out of the hobby for a while (was very active on A'gon a few years back) and sold most of my high end stuff (modded SCD-1, Arnov amps) because my lone listening room has been overrun by my four kids ...so 'cans are the only way for me to go now.

The Stax have got me back into the hobby though. And seeing some posters with 5K to 10K posts shows me that there is some real expertise over here. Skylab expect lots of questions from me ...you seem to be ahead of the curve with respect to considerable testing of the gear combos I was considering.

I also have the Wadia iTransport on order (and I don't even own an ipod yet). Expect a review teamed up with both the Chord and SinglePower when the iTransport arrives late April.
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Try one of these first please. They are cheap and I would love to hear what changes it would make in your system. I want to try new dacs but have no $$ atm lol.

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Lornecherry>> Know how it is with the kids. I actually am considering upgrading my speaker system in time thinking it would be really great but then you reminded me of how the kids come into the basement (where the speakers are now) and say, "I don't want to listen to that [what I am listening to]... can you turn to this [what they want to listen to]." or they will complain about the sound.

So maybe headphones are the best option.

spacemanspliff>> any quick links to reviews on the USB converter on Head-fi? Anyone comment on how it compares to the Empirical On-Ramp? And since I am asking questions-- how much does it cost?
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ACQUIRED!! and loving it!

Thanks to all.
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The prices on these have fallen, I saw one (lightly scratched) silver unit sold for 850 euro and one black mint unit sold for 950 euro. Maybe I should get one ... is it clearly better than a Electrocompaniet or something like a Raysonic CD player?
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I have not heard the other DACs mentioned but I can add:

1. I still have the DAC64 and have no intention (right now ) of parting with it.
2. The sound may not be for everyone-- let's see you have Grado and some HD201s--- hmmmm. You might like a more organic, warm sound, no? If so then I may not recommend the DAC64-- it has a unique sound-- not warm and not thin or bright but 3-dimensional and clear and effortless. It kind of gets out of the way but lets you hear each note in full weight without stressing one note over another. Can't explain it much better.
3. I have heard some folks love the Electrocompaniet so YMMV.

All in all I did not help much -- except to say let your own ears be the judge. But also make sure you are getting the DAC64 mkII if you like one sound preference or the mkI if you like the other sound preference. JJCHA speaks to the differences. I have a mkI.

Also if price is not an object why not try out the new DAC64s? I saw a press release for a new line of DACs with wi-fi connectivity??
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I want a balanced DAC since I got the CEC HD53N, the Chord strikes me as the ideal partner.

If I have no reference for the natural sound, I like a dynamic, upfront but not harsh sound. The Chord is like that, says the Internet so far ...
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Any reviews of the QBD76?
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