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IEM's same size as CX300 but better...

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I just lost my cx300's somehow, i think on holiday, and i need new headphones, i would like something better than the cx300's for 100$ or less and i would like them to be the same size or similar, a few of my friends have some IEMs but theyre huge and look ugly when theyre in your ear (sorry if this offends some pople lol )

I would like them to be bassy but unlike the cx300's i want them to perform on the high pitched stuff aswell, i listen to hip hop/RnB/techno/drum and base/jazz/soul and all that good stuff

oh and i would like them to be reliable and not ones that i have to keep in the pouch and take them in and out all the time


EDIT: i would prefer canal phones over IEMs
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Denon C551 fits that bill rather nicely. Haven't heard them myself, but I have the C700s and they're very, very good. The C700s would be my first recommendation but you wanted small and discreet.
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Denon C351 (almost identical to CX300) or C551 (slightly larger and heavier due to metal casing, but it will beat CX300 in sound quality). I haven't heard of both, but the C551 got a lot of positive reviews here and will surely trounce CX300 in sound and built quality. i just bought a C551 myself yesterday from Amazon. They are selling it for $65.80 (original price $99.99), very good deal. I would to recommend the C700 which is better and bigger than C551, but cost $40-80 more and you said you don't like huge phone. I am sure they can take torture , but i always take care of my C700 so a case is a must for me tho it probably don't really need one.
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thanks for the replies...

i just did a quick search on amazon and the c551's are $140 lol (im from england so we have to pay premium)

any more suggestions?

edit: are the c351's a big jump from the cx300's?
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As always, I agree that the Denon AH-C551s or C700s are excellent choices, and both will no doubt crush the CX300s. The C700s have a bit better highs than the C551s, but not quite as strong bass impact. The C700s are also a good bit larger, so if smallness is important the C551s will suit you better. Lastly, the C700s are more expensive (probably because of their better reproduction of high frequencies). Either one will be a huge improvement over your CX300s. I have the C551s, and I'm extremely happy with them. I know the C700s would give me better highs, but I'm completely satisfied with what the C551s have, they are so much clearer than any other canalphones I've ever heard.
Stay away from the C351s though. They're not really bad, but the jump in sound quality from them to the C551s is so immense that it's totally worth it to spend a little extra cash right away. Also, the C351s are plastic, and not likely to be as durable as the C551s and C700s (which are both made of aluminium and feel very solid and made to last). So if you want something that can take a beating, the C351s don't seem as good a choice.
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Wow, $140 man that's expensive. I am glad i live in US xD. You need to ask Soozieg if you interested in C551 because she lives in England and might have better knowledge on where to buy cheap phone there.
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what about ebay.co.uk? There's a set of C551s in the UK (no border fees or VAT?) here. The total price is still a bit high at close to $100 USD, but that's a lot better than $140.

edit: This is still only one option - there's probably other phones out there that would work.
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Head-Direct's RE2 has my recommendation. Currently sold $80 in group buy, and will return to $119 once the promo is over. For $80, you can not get any IEM that sound better (even $119 is worth it) Check this link in my signature. My full review should be up by tomorrow.
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how do the c551's compare to the ATH-CK7
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You definitely need to give the Denon C551 a listen. They are unmatched in their new price range (Huge sale at Amazon only $65.80).

Denon AH-C551
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