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FS: Denon D5000

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I am looking to trade my MINT condition Denon D5000 for the following headphones:

Stock Sennheiser HD650 + Cash
Apuresound VS Sennhesier HD650
ALO Modded Ultrasone HFI-780

Or you can purchase them for $425 shipped via usps. If using paypal, fees on the buyer. CONUS only please.

If there is cash needed on my part this will be discussed via pm. I will put these up for sale if I do not get a bite.

Left Cup

Right Cup

Once again they are in perfect condition. I have feedback here under my name.CONUS only please.
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Sorry, I prefer to only ship to the continental us.

Also, updated the thread to For Sale because I received a good number of replies asking to straight up buy them. Still available!
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Trade Pending...
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are you still selling?do you ship to brazil?

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<p> What about shipping to canada?</p>
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