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Sorry to hear that, Jason.

It is sad the incident like these often deter vendor from shipping their product to a third world country, making life a lot more difficult to both the legit businesses and honest consumer. Most importantly, DO NOT support those criminal with your hard earned cash!!!
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damn, that is bad news and obviously why they were so cheap. definately do not buy those - that is quite a crime.
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My opinion

This is what I learnt, heard and read so far(sorry for my bad English ):

It is not happening only in the third world countries. It's happening here too in the United States (It is not that big an issue because the authorites and laws are well built here). In fact, some people here are the suppliers for those frauds(for example: the red box accident with the card skimming and thank God I have not rented from them). They sell those information to those in the third world countries because the authorites over there do not care about those things (I can say that because I used to live in those countries and I know what was happening. I am glad it is getting better now but still not quite yet). If you search around you can find many deals here(such as Playstation 3, xbox 360, wii , etc for sick prices). This is just the part of life. Some people are honest and some are not and we can't expect everyone to be like us. So feel proud that we are the honest customers because we should and do not curse others because I believe their punishments are coming.

In the end, this will eventually hurt the honest customers and honest retailers. Yet, I think the one who suffers the most is the customer because retailers will/can charge higher retail prices to cover some of the losses

P.S : this is just my opinion, feel free to agree or disagree . Also this is why we should not open all credit cards that offer rebates or credits.
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Wow, that really stinks, Jason. The entire credit card theft thing is a joke. We had someone steal a credit card number once, and the cops had the address where they delivered the merchandise (gold chains, what else?), and no one was every prosecuted. In our case, as consumers, we didn't have to pay the freight, but the laws stink. I hope anyone reading this post/forum stays away from those tainted SA6s.
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no the wost is the honest people who lost their cards and possibly got his with massive bills. at over 200$ per phone, a couple of these would really hurt the average person, but if a load was bought, forget it, you are under.
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So after reading Jason's post, i feel guilty if i purchase the Sleek's.. So i yesterday i purchased myself a Sennheiser HD25-1 II and couldn't be happier more for a 180 bucks headphone. They'll fit my need for a portable can even though not ultraportable but they sound awesome unamped.

Thanks for all of your advice ppl
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Bravo to you for doing the right thing!
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Well done!!!
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