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remember too that the sa6 has not had time to settle yet here at headfi. the e500 was fotm at first but now is regarded as one of the best. the um2 similarly underwent this and is regarded very highly. there are other phones that were in vogue and now have really faded to nothingness.

the sa6 may well be amazing but test of time is something to really watch. the atrio have enjoyed a good go for over a year and are generally regarded as a unique niche in iems. personally i find them incredible with only the weakness when with powerful and fast bass music.

i do hope the sa6 does become a pillar here as it is always nice to have another option here in the world of iems. competition is always nice
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Originally Posted by outbreak123 View Post
Thank you for all the replies

Soo, it looks like that SA6 is a good deal.

So no one recommends me to save up and get TF10 instead?
Where is the link to the $160 SA6s? Or where did you see that at a comparable price to the Atrios? I don't see any links/specifics. I'll buy a second pair at that price, but I am skeptical that they are available at that price. Please let us know where you found them, unless I missed it.
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No there's no link, it's in a local store in my city, Indonesia. There's only 1 of em in the store, the Clerk offered me the SA6 while i'm trying the Atrio's, and she said it's 160 bucks and i was like WTF??. Maybe it's an used pair? it's not sealed from what i know, but i haven't tried it. The atrios sounds good though..

Maybe tomorrow if i have the time i'll try it.
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Originally Posted by outbreak123 View Post
Yeah, it's 150 bucks so i found it kinda fishy.. Is the SQ difference far? because i'm kinda into it right now, or should i save some money and get TF10 or SA6?

Remember that i'll be using it unamped.
Man, you are confusing the crap out of me. What is $160, the Atrios or the SA6s? Here, you indicate the SA6s are not $160.

Roaddogonline lists the M8s for $159 plus S&H, but if you buy from them via ebay, you can usually make an offer for $130, and they will sell CONUS for $139 with S&H. That's the best price, bar none. They are $199 at FS site, and were out of stock (the M5s that is).

M5/M8 are the same phone, different colors.

Anyway, now I believe you meant the Atrios are $160, which is a legit price (at Roaddogonline), but the SA6s are $249.
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I know a legitimate seller in Indonesia offers an authentic Sleek SA6 at a starting price of $190 (negotiable). However, it might be the first batch of shipment from Sleeks (so there might be some missing ports, I'm not sure).

There are also rebranded Mylarones X3 and XB (sounds similar to my X3s) in Indonesia for around $25-30. And something that sounded like an X3 but with a bass adjuster for a little bit more.
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Sorry to confused the hell out of you , what i meant was, Both M8 and SA6 are Priced the same HERE (I didn't know that the SA6 is Listed for 249$ when i was at the store), so if both priced at the same price, which one should i get? That's what i meant because i didn't get the choice to tried the SA6, so i'm just asking for opinions.

In that post i think that the SA6 at 160$ is really fishy after seeing the REAL price (249$) and i'm asking how the SQ of SA6 compared to the Atrios.

Btw. 150 bucks is typo, what i meant is 160.
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I think we had some posts cross in transmission. Now I understand. Not sure about the ones for sale locally, but if they are missing parts, by the time you buy the stuff that's missing, they will cost near the real thing anyway. But if they they seem real and are $160, then by all means, buy them, as long as you can return them if they turn out to be broken, defective, etc.

The SA6s completely smoke the Atrios on SQ if you seek a balanced, quality listening experience. I like the Atrios, don't get me wrong, but they are no match for the SA6s in my opinion, having owned them.
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What i mean "HERE" means "In the local store in my country", sorry for miscommunication.
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Where is your local store ? I know some friends from Jakarta
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Its in "Mangga 2 Mall" in a store called "Focus" on the second floor.

Btw. the Sleek Audio SA6 that they sell doesn't include the 2 year warranty, but you can try them to make sure it's not defect.
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I used both the Atrios and the Sleeks at the same time with my 5.5g Imod and Portaphile or tomahawk amp. HiFlight was kind enough to let me borrow his Atrios. I can tell you now, save for the Sleeks. totally customizable for your sonic preferences using those little treble/bass tubey things and a totally enjoyable musical experience.

But then theyshould be for another $100 over the Atrios. The Atrios were also quite good for IEMs in their price range.

Ultimately, though, I returned HiFlights and the Sleeks and opted to keep the Triples, which I was also testing.

So two things:
1) if you're comparing the Atrios and the Sleeks and can afford the Sleeks, buy them.

2) If youcan wait and save the bux, buy the Triples. No contest in sonic quality and improvement
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Man, if i was in Indo right now i will definitely buy that SA6 . With them sell in Mangga 2 Mall makes you able to bargain for cheaper price unlike in other places. Outbreak123 maybe you can bargain the SA6 to $140 hehehe (must know the trick tho).
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Yeah, actually i've been asking them again and they'll give me a SPECIAL price at 130$!!!! (without warranty ofcourse)

Tomorrow i'll get them, good luck for me
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Stolen SA6's

The SA6 units being sold in Jakarta were purchased by stolen credit cards. It is sad but several thousand dollars worth of units were purchased on our site by stolen cards and sent to Jakarta. That is why they are selling them with no warranties.

It is great that we found them and hopefully the authorities can do something about it. It is also very sad that people destroy the lives of the families the card was stolen from. We lost the units and had to return 100% of the money to the families. It is not VISA or AMEX that loses the money it is the retailer.

Please do not purchase these units as we will not honor the warranty.

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Also do not purchase them because you would be subsidizing thievery.
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