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Used DSLR's?

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I'm thinking about a DSLR but would prefer to buy used. Any reliable websites that have active for sale markets like HF or Auidogon?

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I'd also give craigslist a shot. That is how I've bought both my D70S and D200 without any problem at all. Of course all the usual buying on craigslist precautions apply.
post #3 of 10 is another source.
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Thanks guys. Now I have some homework to do.
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If you are looking for canon, you can also check out
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I second the choice for

You'll find the best prices/deals on craigslist....If you know what you're looking for.
Especially since you can hold it in your hand first to test it out.

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What's wrong with ebay? I got my used D70 off there
post #8 of 10 and are really the only places I'd trust enough to buy used camera gear usually.
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Just a FYI on Nikon street prices on craigslist: in SFBay area

Bodies only:
D200 : $800 ~$900 (lots)
D80 : $550 (don't see too many of these)
D70/D70s : $375
D50: $325
D40 : $325
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If you're going canon, I second POTN. It has a FS forum that is very similar to Head-Fi's. I've bought plenty there.
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