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Getting audio off of a DVD?

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What would be the best way, best being keeping highest quality, to get audio off of a DVD. I have a DVD of a concert, and I really like the versions of the songs done, but I'm not sure how to get the audio only. I tried using the "what you hear" option on my sound card before, but the volume is dependent on the volume you have your computer set to. I'd like to be able to just rip the audio off without changing it any. Anyone ever done this? or have any thoughts/hints/ideas?
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there are a number of methods available.

you can start here:

DVD Video to Audio CD Guide - Club CD Freaks - Knowledge is Power

there are a couple of apps available that will do it directly, but do to the unclear ethics/legality of such an app, you will need to do some googling to find where they are hiding.

I use the above method w/o too much difficulty.
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hmm I followed the steps to the 'T', but instead of AC3 files, I get .VOB files :\
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If you can get the files encoded to a single file, use a lossless or a high bitrate lossy format for the audio. After that you can just use a file converter to convert it into an audio file. I did this with a couple videos a while back, but im not sure which programs I used.
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hmm, still no luck. All of the programs I find are trials that only let you encode up to 2minutes, and I don't really want to pay $60 for a program I'll probably use 1-2 times. Anyone have any suggestions/ideas/hints?
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DVD Shrink- Select the scene you want
DGINDEX- Drag and drop your .vob and demux the audio, you should have an AC3 or DTS. Keep them as is or encode them to mp3.
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I've used DVD Audio Extracter. It involes more steps than ripping audio from music CD but it gets the job done. I've extracted mine in lossless and converted to flac without any problem.
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^ any good ones like DVD AE but for Macs?
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Originally Posted by Pangaea View Post
^ any good ones like DVD AE but for Macs?
I've used both Popcorn (from Roxio) and an app called Cinematize to suck the audio out of DVDs. Both work well, but Cinematize is a slight favorite because its operation is slightly more intuitive.

In some instances you may need a second app, called Mac the Ripper, to ... never mind, you can probably guess why you need it.
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