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There Are...

Originally Posted by Asr View Post
I haven't heard the AH-D5000. I'm not sure how logical your induction is, and I don't know what you're referencing when you say the D2000 is similar sounding to the D5000. Maybe if there's a wide consensus on that opinion, but even then I'm not sure that would help prove an equal discrepancy between the D5000 and the AD2K.
There are several reports that they have the same drivers and do sound very similar. So... it would seem to follow that they both lack the pace and attack that you describe.
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Hi Asr,

Thanks again for an excellent mini review and helpful for those that are looking for a comparison of similarly priced closed headphones. Though I agree with most of your comments (though not so much the K701 comparison), I found it interesting to note how a simple comparison can change depending on how it's framed. I've always compared, in my mind, the ESW9s to other portables I've heard, and though they have flaws, they're the best I've heard for that purpose (which is why I bought them), and I've been far more enthusiastic about them than the D2000s, which I've compared, in my mind, to all other full-sized headphones I've heard, where they come up short. Comparing the two head-to-head, they are much closer in quality, though different in sound sig.
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Thanks for the review.

While my HFI780's with ALO mods are on loan, I am left with my D2000 and APS v2 cable, and they leave me missing my 780's. The D2000 don't seem to do anything particularly wrong or irritating, but they just aren't as exciting unless they are cranked up loud (which I don't like to do). I've reported that they can be slow with some music, so I think we agree on this. I grab the D2000 or HD600 when I want to mellow out.

Thankfully, when I want to be stirred I can put the D2000 down and grab my Edition 9 instead...
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ASR. Your description of ESW9 is EXACTLY how it sounds with AE2 and... that is probably the only amp I heard them sound like that with. Even with Pico they tend to be a lot clearer and nowhere near as bassy.
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really nice review, why don't you try it with the markl mod version of D2000, i'm eager to read that
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I know I'm digging up a slightly dormant thread but thanks for this review. It was exactly what I was looking for. I have the D2000 and recently got Ultrasone Proline 650. Now I understand how slow and bloated the D2000 is (though I probably still prefer them over the Ultrasone).

I am looking at the ESW9 because it doesn't seem like there is a better portable candidate (ESW10 = too much $$ for me). I think the OP is implying that the ESW9 is not as slow as the D2000? has more forward mids? perhaps not as boomy as the D2000?

If there are any other contenders for a closed portable (not iems, buds) in the same price range I'm interested.

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Sennheieser HD 25-1-II


Audio-Technica M50

would also be contenders.. though none as good looking as ESW9
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Hi thanks for the review, even if you turned me off the ESW9!

I was almost set on the ESW9 but it seems my search for the perfect mid-range cans will continue. I'm not worried by the sound quality, which seems like it's good for the price, just about the comfort. I've heard mixed reviews about their comfort but given my previous experience with supra-aural phones I'm not willing to take a punt on these. I don't know if I have highly sensitive ears but I've found supra-aural phones to be quite painful even after as little as half an hour (Sennheise HD 25 I-II).

So now I'm in a bind as to whether I go full size (and risk looking like a dork at work haha) or back to IEMs. I've kind of given up on IEMs because I don't think an expensive precision audio device should also act as ear wax cleaners!

So can someone please help me! I have the cash and need some good phones ASAP. Or maybe I should just give up and buy a cheapo pair and decent stereo!
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