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He didn't ask me a zillion questions, then tug out of the deal at the last minute. He was straight-forward, upfront and very professional. Payment was received in minutes. I would definitely do business with him again.

[Little did I know I'd end up buying back the same equipment from him, six months later, and that it would be in the same condition, for the same price, and with blazing fast delivery (and insured).]
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Sold an amp and headphones to John. Extremely smooth transaction, great communication and quick payment. Thanks!
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Got DAC! Sounds great! Looks great! John shipped fast and went all out with priority mail even thought the DAC weighed 7.5Kg. Easy and fast transaction. John is a great seller!

Thanks again John.
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Bought a Beta 22 from John. A very smooth transaction, great communication and super fast shipping. The packaging couldn't have been any safer.

Thanks !
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Bought a pair of SR-225s from John. Great pair at a great price. Awesome communication, packaging, and response time. Would definitely recommend.

Thanks, John!
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Last year, I sold Tonsosnot an M^3 with STEPS. He paid quickly. Last week, when I went looking for a replacement amp, I found him selling the exact same amp. He sold it to me for the exact same price I sold it to him (no flipping). The transaction occurred at night, making it impossible to send the amp that second. The very next day, as soon as the post office was open, he had that amp heading for me - and without so much as a request on my part, he had the whole package insured.

I was expecting it on a Monday and got it, instead, on Saturday. It was in the exact same condition in which I sold it to him.

What can I say? Helluva nice guy. Great buyer. Great seller. True headfier.
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John was easy to deal with, quick to pull the trigger, and overall a great buyer.

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Sold my Darkvoice 337 to John. Quick payment, easy to work with!

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I bought a Nuforce uDac from tonsosnot. He shipped the item very quickly, added insurance and signature confirmation like I requested, and always kept in contact. All in all, a smooth transaction. Thanks! 


(He was also nice enough to post pictures of the item in my For Sale thread a few days after I received it!)

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Traded some headphones with John, communication was excellent and shipping was fast. What more could you want? :D

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Smooth transaction, couldn't ask for more!

Thanks! :-)

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Purchased a M^3 amp from John. No problems at all, packed well, and he shipped the same day!

Great experience with a great seller.


Thanks again.

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Bought John's Markl-modded Denon AHD-5000 headphones. He shipped the same day and they arrived as promised by week's end well-packaged and in the original box. They look and sound great. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with John again.

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Sold my HD650s to John, quick payment, very smooth.

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John bought my HD6x0 Jena cable. His payment was quick and communication great throughout. Very swift and smooth transaction.



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