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I sold my AKG K701 to tonsosnot. He paid quickly, and replied to messages in a timely fashion. I would not hesitate to do business with him again.

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Traded my HD-580's to tonsosnot for his HFI-780's. Recieved cans 3 days after trade finalized. Considering trade was finaliized on Friday and I got them Monday, and were talking from Washington to Arkansas, you couldn't ask for any better transaction. Would do buisness with him anytime.

Thanks John, a real pleasure doing buisness with you. Enjoy the cans.
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I sold my Head-Direct EF1 to John. Great communication and prompt payment. Great transaction. Would gladly do business with him again.

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sold a recabled 701. it was an easy/smooth transaction
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Sold John my DAC-38. Pretty much a flawless sale with prompt, courteous communication. Would definitely do business with again. Thanks!
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Bought the Audio-Technica AD700 from him. It was shipped promptly and packaged securely... the item was pretty much in brand new condition. It was a pleasure to deal with him and I would recommend him with 100% confidence!
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This time I bought the excellent Head-Direct EF-1 hybrid amp from John. The shipping was even quicker this time, taking a grand total of 4 days. The amp was very well packed and John was helpful and friendly with the entire process. Can't recommend him enough and if the site had a favourite sellers feature, I'd easily add him in it.

Thanks John.
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I have bought two headphones from him. Very nice person to do business with!
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John is an amazing head-fier to deal with. Once I paid him he shipped out the headphones, not in the matter of days... but in the matter of an hour. I can't recommend him enough . It's been a real pleasure buying from John.

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Bought a pair of Audioengine A5s from John. He was very friendly, everything came fast as described, and there was constant communication so I was kept updated about everything. Would gladly do business with him again.

Fantastic seller!
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Sold a Grado SR225 and cMoy to John, quick payment, no problems and a pleasure to deal with. Recommended head-fier and glad to have him in the community. Thank you!
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Bought my tube amp from John, everything was extremely well packed and he took some time to label and package each tube he sent me.

Really nice doing business with him
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Rapid payment and good communication. Thanks for getting back to me; life is hectic right now and I'm glad the Signal cables are working out for you.

Jon aka Dr. Cilantro
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Bought John's CI-Audio VDA-1 DAC with VAC-1 power supply. Great communication and very fast shipping, and everything was packaged perfectly. Would gladly buy from him again.

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Sold my Beta 22 to John in person very nice guy and easy sale!

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