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Originally Posted by Beefy View Post
Sorry mate, its out of my league now too
Thanks for sticking with me through the issue. I appreciate it. I finally decided to bite the bullet and spend some cash to hopefully fix the issue. I ordered one of these:

Amazon.com: EB Tech Hum X Voltage Hum Filter: Musical Instruments

I'm really hoping I plug it in and it will magically get rid of my issue. For some reason, I feel doubt, but we will see. I'll let you know how it goes.
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There is two possible solutions for your problem.


First is cheapest, you should provide ground to your headphone amp. It would be best that it's power supply provides GND reference.

This is cheaper solution but not 100% guarantee that hum will disappear.


Second solution would be the best. You need two audio transformers for galvanic isolation of your headphone amp from audio sources which have GND issues.


PC's are a nightmare when it comes to sound. I don't like that technology. They are not build with Hi-Fi in mind.


Hope it helped.


Best regards


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What about an AC power line conditioner?
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Maybe this is the technical reason of your problem.

The other major source of hum in audio equipment is shared impedances; when a heavy current is flowing through a conductor (a ground trace) that a small-signal device is also connected to. All practical conductors will have a finite, if small, resistance, and the small resistance present means that devices using different points on the conductor as a ground reference will be at slightly different potentials. This hum is usually at the second harmonic of the power line frequency (100 Hz or 120 Hz), since the heavy ground currents are from AC to DC converters that rectify the mains waveform. See also ground loop.

--for this of wiki. Might help.
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