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Problems with ImageShack?

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Is anyone experiencing problems with being able to load photos on ImageShack? Or could anyone point me towards another free photo hosting site?
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Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket

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No, ImageShack works fine for me
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For several days I am unable to pull up the standard home page to sign in.  I get another...looks different .  None of the tabs when clicked open.  I can not enter my account.  My photos which are posted on various web sites are still there.  If I  click on one...it opens to ImageShack and I see my photos  then it immediately reverts back to the dead home page.  I can not contact customer service...that link is dead.  They have reformated their program without any notice to customers.  I have lost all my ability to asccess and to store photos.  I had a paid Premium account.  I live in the Repo of Panama if that makes any difference


Jan 11. 2013

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The site seems to work OK for me. Try clearing your browser temp files.
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Done that. I know the site IS working for some folks.....it definately is NOT for me.  They changed their format and BAM...I get a dead Home Page screen where nothing clicks...I can't even sign in.  I used ImageShack just a couple of days ago.

I bought a PhotoBucket account...and am using that for now.  Maybe ImageShack will clear up in time.  Possibly it's my location in the Rep of Panama... I have no clue.

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Did you try a different browser?
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OK...It's the browser.  It works with Mozilla Firefox.   GREAT,,,thanks !..  Meanwhile I'm getting to like Photobucket

Good to have access to my stash however  I really appreciate your help

AB Leever

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I have recently had some issues with the latest versions of Chrome and sites that use Flash, Java & HTML5. I think Chrome is losing it - it might be time for another rotation in the browser wars. Glad that helped!
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