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Advice needed... my dog groomer accidently cut my dog. What do I do? - Page 2

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if it was me, i'd just eat the costs, honestly. It was an accident.
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The groomer made a mistake, apologized, and appears to be doing the appropriate things to rectify the situation. Thats all that need be done.
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Originally Posted by grawk View Post
if it was me, i'd just eat the costs, honestly. It was an accident.
What he said.
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Originally Posted by uzziah View Post
what are you thinking? you want to sue your dog groomer? do you have any realization at all about what they make? i'm ****ing appalled you actually felt the need to get surgery and are going to have the groomer pay that, which i'm sure wasn't cheap; i'm just blown out of my mind; your parents and friends want you to sue your dog groomer; i really want to start cursing now..............................you should be ashamed of yourself

you sound like the girl i had a fender-bender with back in high school and decided to sue; luckily they dropped the lawsuit when it became clear that she wasn't actually hurt enough to rape my bank account; what's the matter with people
If you actually read my entire post, I did not feel the need for suing - it was suggested to me by my family and friends - which I argued against.

I have no idea why you're appalled either - I was merely seeking advice and seeing what were usual outcomes of these incidents.

Originally Posted by Happy Camper View Post
The dog would have probably healed on it's own just fine. Giving a small animal anesthesia is very dangerous. We have lost one dog this way.

If it was an accident and the dog is healing fine, why inflict gain from the person? I'm sure they feel bad about it too. If they have given you good service for 2 years, why ruin a good relationship for greed? Your friends are looking at it in a totally selfish and morally pitiful way IMO. Ultimately, you have to decide what and how to handle the situation. If you were on the other side of the situation, would you have felt bad about hurting the dog? Accidents do happen.

On the other hand, if you wanted to get services at reduced or no cost, you might be able to gain that from the employer. This might cost this person their job though. Is it worth that?

Sleep on it and see how you feel in the morning.
Thanks for this advice! my vet suggested that stitches were needed as my dog could scratch the cut, opening it even more - possibly causing an infection. Since my dog was basically kicking and screaming (so to speak) it was necessary to anesthetize my dog during stitching.

As for the groomer, I'm sure she feels bad about this incident- worse than I feel at the moment. I haven't decided if I am going to return to same groomer next time. (I'm sure my family and friends will stop me beforehand, though)

Originally Posted by Uncle Erik View Post
You should probably just let the groomer pay the vet's bills. I'm not familiar with Canadian law, but there generally isn't much of a recovery for this sort of thing in the US. There have been a few cases here in California where damages were limited to the value of the pet, and that was when the animal died.

You're probably upset now and understandably so. But think about what happened. The groomer did not want to hurt your dog. It happened, your dog will recover, and the only thing you're out is the vet's bill. I'd let the groomer pay the vet's bill, and, in good faith, I'd keep going back. Accidents happen, so try to fix things as best as possible, and don't let a mistake ruin a relationship.
Yup, I don't think I need to sue - it was completely accidental and there was no intention to injure my dog. Exact same reason why I'm arguing my family right now.

Originally Posted by Tmacfan4321 View Post
Who ever said that? Did you read his post?

He doesn't want to sue.

Thank you for all the helpful advices - My dog is feeling a lot better than couple of hours ago - still kind of tired, but no pain or discomfort, save for bit of itchiness on her stomach. Still chugging around and eating bit of food, so that's good to see.
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Originally Posted by colonelkernel8 View Post
...continuing to see that groomer is a good idea as she will make every effort not to make the same mistake again and your dog will likely be safer there than probably anywhere else.
x2 on this one, very true.
Wise words. I agree 100%.

Oh and me thinks you shouldn't sue, just let the groomer pay for the vet service and be done with it.
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Also next time consider to have friends with a bit more common sense. Unfortunately you can't change parents though.
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Ugh, you dog people and your problems, it's not like the person doing your circumcision made a mistake and cut something they weren't supposed to. Such a weird thread, come on, it's just a dog and it's just a little nick, I can't believe you even bothered with stitches, but hey, I'm not a dog person, your problems.
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Originally Posted by dj_mocok View Post
Also next time consider to have friends with a bit more common sense. Unfortunately you can't change parents though.
Can't believe there are actually people recommending sueing, jeezzz. We really live in an intolerant world here where gaining money justifies the means to get it.
And to stitch up a scratch...? A dog will scratch stitches as well till they open up. Keeping it clean multiple times a day would be more than enough (have had dogs and cats throughout my whole life). You could have saved both parties the costs although I assume she's probably insured for accidents like this one.
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definately have the groomer pay for surgery but i would not go any further. it would seem silly. the groomer is probably overstuffed on this now anyway, worrying about many things. if you can and do take further action you will only ruin a relationship as well as perhaps a business. that ain't cool - especially if you ever make mistake and find out that you are taken to town from it

medit: methinks the vet made a very wise business decision in suggesting to go for stitches and surgery.
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You couldn't sue for more than the cost of the surgery anyway, unless you sued for something bogus like "pain and suffering." It would be way more trouble than it's worth to get any more money out of the groomer than is already being offered to you.

The grooming session itself, of course, should have been free, too.

So as long as the groomer pays for both, you two are as even as you can expect to be.
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You were happy with the groomer for two years, then an accident and you are thinking about legal action????? Let the groomer pay the vet bill and if you think this might happen again get a new groomer. Just remember you might not get one as good as the one you have now.
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The injury was inflicted to the dog. Not you, your family, or your friends. Let the groomer take responsibility only for what happened to the pet. Don't tack on personal feelings to an accident that did not involve you because your feelings are irrelevant. Furthermore, your family and friends are extortionists and opportunists. You're letting your hurt feelings get in the way of your judgment.
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Originally Posted by Rednamalas1 View Post
Actually, after the initial yelp, she was running around outside happily with a penny sized hole on her chest (she's a tiny dog - virtually the same size as a Maltese)
Me, on the other hand, is a total wuss - I was basically in tears, about to rip groomer's head off.
Sounds like your dog has a good family taking care of em .
I think you can come up with the right answer for yourself, whatever it may be.
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Ironically most people that care so much for their dog are killing them slowly one pour of kibble at a time...

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