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great to know that bass quality doesn't need improvement!!
Then can we do something to add more bass quantity in ad900?

My line of thinking is: ad900 is bass-light. I am absolutely not looking for bass-heavy. However, are there any way to achieve bass-medium, while not losing quality and its tightness?

I hope I am making myself clear :P
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Could someone quantify the increase in bass going from AD700 to AD900?


Calibrated machinery is preferred but not required.

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Originally Posted by ChiComm4 View Post

Could someone quantify the increase in bass going from AD700 to AD900?


Calibrated machinery is preferred.


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After reading all 10 pages this post has to offer, I'm still unsure of the "amount" of bass the AD900 offers compared to the AD700. I feel like ChiComm4 does I believe as I'm sitting here typing, with the AD700 sitting on my desk looking at me and I'm just shaking my head because their bass just sucks. I'm not a bass-head, but dang... it's not up my alley. 


Now, before you tell me to look "elsewhere" for more bass, please explain WHERE I would look? I just tried the AT M50 (was a little muddy, and highs suffered), Beyer 770 (less boomy, more natural and great neutral feel to them - awesome) and Shure 840 (didn't like the Shure at all) today and LOVED the 770 or it's accurate sound and decent soundstage and overall the great bass, but I'm afraid of losing the melodic demeanor of the AD700. Can anyone tell me more about the 880 or the 990 and how they compare to the AD700, AD900 and A900? I just want bass that I can feel but the sound from the AD700 (or better). Is this too much to ask?


I would like to try the AD900, but would the A900 suit me better? And if so, does the Beyer 770, 880 and 990 give the A900 a run for its money? I won't be using a quality  amp (other than the FiiO E5) for awhile. Do the Beyers REALLY need amping?


Please clarify this muddy (sound)land I find myself in. 





P.S. Wasn't trying to hijack... sorry if it seems that way. 

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I just sold my AD700's after having lived with them for a while with the AD900's.


I *do* need to go back and read the entire thread, but ...


I feel the biggest difference between the AD700's and the AD900's isn't any extension in the bass for the AD900's.  I think the mids/highs are a little recessed for the AD700's, and that is "fixed" for the AD900's.  That might give the semblance of better quality bass, but I don't feel that there's any more of it or that it extends any deeper.


Shoot, and headphone.com doesn't have a freq response curve for the AD900 for us to check.


Anyway, fwiw!  :-)

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Originally Posted by FliGuyRyan View Post

After reading all 10 pages this post has to offer, I'm still unsure of the "amount" of bass the AD900 offers compared to the AD700.

I thought I had been pretty clear the entire way through.


The AD900 and AD700 both have the same bass quantity to my ears. I didn't listen to test tones to quantify with a statistical certainty about how far they both extended, but it was pretty similar to me. However, the AD900 was tighter and faster giving a touch more punch, and generally offers more clarity throughout the whole range.


If you are looking for MOAR BASS, look elsewhere. If you want to keep the same clarity and tone, the the A900 is no good either...... being closed phones they sound very different, in more than just the bass.

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Thanks for the reply, Beefy, although it seems mor people say the AD900 has more bass than the AD700. 


Kevin, wouldn't more forward mids/highs with the same level of bass give the impression of less quantity of bass?


FliGuyRyan, I feel for you! I want great bass with good mids and highs and a great big soundstage (without being too distant). I was hoping the AD900 could do that for $270, but maybe one has to go north of $1,000 for all of those things in one headphone?

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That's funny, I'm relatively new to literately comparing headphones, but in this case, Beefy and I agree.  And I agree too, if you want more bass, then look elsewhere, but the bass *quality* I do feel is improved a smidge with the AD900's.


Here's how I look at it right now:  I use SR80i's and AD900's for comparing between different versions of the same CDs at home.  (Originals, Japanese, West German, remasters, etc.)  The SR80i's do bass very well IMO.  But the AD900's have the lead for the mids and highs, although the SR80i's mids are close.  The SR80i's highs are a little too pronounced for me, where as the AD900's highs are very smooth but very detailed.  So I use both sets.


ChiComm4, have you looked at the AKG 701/702, Beyer 880/990 250 ohm/600 ohm models?

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Hey everyone, after reading this thread I've become very interested in both of these headphones.

Now I'm looking to buy something in addition to my Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro's.

Would the AD700 and AD900 be a good add on? As I want something a little different.

Specifications about my 'desires' can be found here: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/548564/new-headphone-advice

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to look "elsewhere" for more bass, please explain WHERE I would look?

how would the Ultrasone Proline 2500 compare with the AD900 if looking for more bass?

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I had the Pro 2500's.  Definitely more bass than the AD700 or AD900.  I didn't like them, but others do.


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Dead Thread?

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can you use thes headphones with dolby 7.1 surrond?

will it work?
will it distrort sound?
this are open cans and have a wid soundstage so is there a need and will it ruin it?

all these questions anyway hpe you can help
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