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AKG sale for HeadFiers and Headwizers  

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I have the k1000 for $499!!! You must tell me that you found the price here or you pay the $529 everyone else has to pay...
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Todd, you made it to the party! Welcome to Head-Fi!

Glad to hear you've got such a great price on the K1000. Out of curiosity, how long will the K401/501 deal last? Please tell me it will last a lot longer and that you want to sell me the K401 for $20. Please?
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Hi Neruda,

It is nice to be here! Thanks Jude!!!
The K401/K501 deal should be good for another month. Sorry but can't do the 401 for $20. Nice try though:>)
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Hey Todd , startin' from the bottom again man ?

I went from council to newbie in a week

heheh ,gotta laugh,at least neruda got moderator or he would be all over this forum like white on rice
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you think you know loss?

I lost 3,500 posts in a matter of days!

That's loss. And it doesn't matter that I'm a moderator, I'm going to go crazy posting here. I have to find a way to get back up to 1,000 by this sunday or I'll really be pissed .
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Neruda, look on the bright side. 28 posts and you already made Moderator !!!!
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Here's another back to earth newbie.

Bit of confusing here: JMT w/ 6 posts is a junior member, todd 2 posts member, Neruda 36 moderator, another user 59 still meber. (all the post counting consistently change of course)

Is this some kind of evil scheme to curb users like Neruda to post wild to climb ladder fast?
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That's a sweet deal there Todd. Too bad I don't have a power amp, or $500 for that matter

I just found these boards, I'm starting all over again as well

I have to get used to using these boards.

Damn those Bots!!!
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Nice price! What amp do you recommend?

I am interested, but I doubt that I have any amps around that will do them justice.
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Too late for me

That's a great price Todd. I friend of mine bought them for me in Germany and I paid $515. I would rather give the money to Headroom but at the time your price ($1100) was a bit steep. On the subject of the amp, I listened to the K1000 at the Hilton show in NYC with the ASL AQ-1005 DTI and liked them. The problem here is two-fold. First the AQ-1005 DTI goes for a cool $1699. Then, driving the AKGs even from the 16 Ohms tap the impedance that the primary sees is huge, not a nice thing for the output Stage. Then browsing the www.audioasylum.com SET forum I found a post for another ASL amp, the MG-mini300DT at www.audiooasis.com for $595. Not bad at all but has only and 8 Ohm tap. Knowing that Mr. Joseph Lau, the designer of the ASLs, frequents audioasylum I emailed him. He had the same concerns about the amps driving the K1000. He said that they can make a special order amp with a custom made output transformer. The only problem is that it will take 3 months after the order is placed with a distributor. The other thing that he said is to consider the MG-Head. Driving the K1000 from the high impedance output it can produce 500mW, which with the 74 db/mW sensitivity of the AKGs will give 101 db SPL...food for thought!
Todd, did you try the AKGs with the MGHead at all? I'm thinking of getting the MG-Head anyway, I have also the HD-600 that I can drive with it until the three months go by.
So far I love the K1000s, even without a proper amp to drive them. It's not only the sound but the comfort. It's great to have something that doesn't cover or touch your ears. But I still love my HD-600.
Anybody else with info on driving the K1000s, especially with tube amps?
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