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I've got quite a few Behringer items and have noticed they are incredibly inexpensive for what they offer. The Behringer price is usually half of the price of the equipment that "inspired" it. I'm perfectly satisfied with the Behringer until I get my hands on the piece of equipment that inspired it - then I realize the Behringer falls short. The Behringers do not sound bad, but the other equipment just sounds better and take things to the next level. Besides BBE and Aphex, the other brands that have inspired Behringer that are things I own are Focusrite and some other effects boxes, I think the lesson I've learned is to invest in Behringer only when I can't spend any more - but invest in the original equipment if I can. In the case of the Focusrite, the Behringer was $150 but the Focusrite was $500 - so there is a substantial savings for almost the same performance.