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Wow... just got mine yesterday, let it break in for about 30 hours... this thing is an absolute marvel. The sense of air is so beautiful and tangible, and the fullness of the bass really wonderful (I am appreciating bass on my ER4P for the first time!). It is definitely colored, but sounds really stunning paired with something neutral like these Etys... look forward to getting my DT880s this week and seeing what the combo can do!
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Right on AmanGeorge! Glad you're enjoying that beauty!

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I am indeed enjoying it, although "beauty" it is not... I don't care too much about aesthetics, but it is a shame that this thing is ugly as sin. Given how well-built it is, and the excellence of the fit and finish, it is somewhat disappointing that there wasn't effort put into making the Zen Head at least somewhat visually appealing.

I can't argue with the sonic results, though! Will post impressions later this week of my new Zen Head + DT880 combination.
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Uf... 24-hour love affair officially over.

The distortion that is coming through on my DT880s is remarkably unpleasant. I just ran out and bought a bunch of different batteries (neither CVS nor Giant carried Ultralife, sadly - I'll try that next opportunity I get) and I haven't been able to shake it.

I will say that as much as I loved the sound I was getting yesterday evening through my Etymotics, this amp feels a little too much like a prototype. The lack of attention to aesthetics and hastily slapped on piece of felt to keep the battery in place I'd be able to forgive (especially given the sound when it's working!), but this distortion issue is a little absurd. Do I just have to use expensive Ultralife batteries indefinitely because rechargables won't work and there's no way to connect this thing to AC power?

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You might check out the following post regarding distortion on certain headphones due to capacitances issues. This is fixable.

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Hey HiFlight,

Do you have a link? I'm looking for these comments on the Decware website to no avail.

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Oh never mind, I'm an idiot.
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Just contact Steve at Decware. He will take care of you.
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I sent Steve an email, thanks for the advice.

And I did more listening with the Etys... truly awesome.
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Got my Zen Head back from Steve yesterday - many compliments to him on really great and extremely fast customer service. The amp now works distortion-free with my DT880s, and I am very happy with the results. The amp's warmth is a great match for these headphones as it was for my Etys. The ability to deliver lots of great-quality bass relaxes the sound without sacrificing detail and brings out the best in these cans!
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I just ordered one of these. Skylab's (and others') review piqued my interest in this one. Even though the Zen Head is ranked roughly mid of the pack it meets all the criteria I'm looking for sound-wise. So hopefully I'll see/hear in a few days.
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Zen Head is definitely on my list as well. Steve is a tubes guy so it is natural that this amp should have stellar synergy with the ER-4
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The Zen head is definitely more than middle of the pack. The differences between the top amps in terms of overall performance are subtle. The ZenHead does have a slightly warm, "tubey" sonic signature. It's really a great amp.
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Originally Posted by AmanGeorge View Post
Why would they put such a shabby opamp in it, and then not socket it? This makes no sense to me. If the amp was socketed, it could be changed out for whatever. It seems like a lot was sacrificed to keep down the cost of materials. (Too bad that's not reflected in the retail price!) They can keep it.
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I would be curious how zenhead would work with AKG k701 or the Grado G1000
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