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Traded kunfu some Olive tips for his Soft Flex tips. Shipped fast, and was easy to contact. Would definitely buy/trade from kunfu again.
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BAD: I purchased a set of CX400 from KUNFUCHOPSTICKS . I noticed he had posted in this thread: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f4/how...-cx400-313793/ So asked him to verify authenticity before I purchased them. He assured me they were real. Upon receiving and inspecting them, I notice that the alligator clip is identical to the picture marked fake in that thread in a post less than an hour after the post by KUNFUCHOPSTICKS (which is probably why he was selling them). He has refused to refund my money, although I have offered to send these back to him and pay return shipping myself. To further verify before posting anything that may damage one's character, I checked Sennheiser's website and determined that the packaging was missing "PET" stamped into the plastic on the bottom, missing a batch sticker, etc. which verified they are not genuine. Since KUNFUCHOPSTICKS will not refund my purchase of his misrepresented product, I have no choice but to advise others not to deal with him and seek action against him. (Selling counterfeits is illegal)
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