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I had the X10 and it sounds very flat and layerless to my ears. The bass isn't as good as other people say. For the money the IE7 will be much better
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Good phones killed by their cable

Amazon had these on sale for $135, so I picked up a pair to see what they were like. The tips which worked for me were the double flanges. The single flanges wouldn't make a good seal in my right ear no matter which size was selected. What killed these phones for me, however, were the microphonics of the cable. The cloth covering makes them stiffer than most other cables and more prone to scratching against everything when I move. Additionally, the cable is tangle prone. The stiffness causes it to kink more easily rather than straightening when gently tugged on. You can't shake out this cable. Oddly, the case is not deep enough to hold the phones with my selected tips, though it is long and wide.

The sound is good for this price range, with a forward treble, a too recessed midrange, and a bass which, while it extends downward powerfully, is not particularly discriminated. The bass is smeared together in the low bass register. The sound signature has a more fun, stronger bass than the UE Super.Fi 5 Pros, but a much weaker mid range. Instrument separation is average with a few electronic instruments seeming to separate into different frequency components across their spectrum, probably due to the strong V shaped response curve of the earphones. Perhaps a few days of burn-in would improve the sound quality, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to send them back due to the cable microphonics. Sensitivity is such that they can be easily driven by the Ipod.
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I don't wish to be unkind. However, your "review" read more like some of the generic poo you get in Sound and Vision magazine. That's why I stopped subscribing to those rags years ago and joined forums such as this one and AVScience. Did you want it to be what you thought was "professional" like? To me, it equates to bunch of happy BS.

Also, I never thought the "Klipsch Sound," pertaining their speaker horns, was accurate at all (sold at Best Buy). In fact, when listening to them try to play Soprano or Alto Sax sounds, all I ever heard was horrible screeching, no matter what the amplification. A horn that can't recreate a horn...
Your assumption is that if is a Klipsch, it must be good because of it's long, grand history - and we should all obviously agree. I'm afraid not.

Perhaps this is not your "target market" as was discussed earlier. Maybe a more uniformed and pliable audience would best suit this type of review, where cutting and pasting in the company propaganda will more "influence" the reader rather than honestly informing.
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