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Vertigo_1, I am still a little confused as to what you are looking for. Are you looking for small speakers to set next to your computer, or a nice pair of bookshelf speakers with good quality stands?
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Vertigo , To confuse things further, try these.

I know you said the even the N805 are too big, these should be the right size then.

B&W CM2 - "The stand or shelf mount CM2 is ideal for the smaller room or where its compact size is important. The Kevlar mid/bass cone seen in many of B&W’s more expensive speakers contributes to the open mid-range and full, clear bass produced by the CM2. The FS-CDM stand provides the ideal support and allows the speaker to project the finest of detail in music. Tube loading the tweeter ensures far greater absorption of unwanted radiation from the rear of the diaphragm. The resulting effect is to create a more focused and natural high frequency sound. Flowport is integrally moulded with the terminal tray at the rear of the cabinet, its surface dimpled like a golf ball to smooth the airflow and reduce turbulence. "

With grill on

A picture here of the back where you can see 4 terminals to bi-wire

Their techical specs are

Dimensions Height: 325mm (12.8in)
Width: 200mm (7.9in)
Depth: 278mm (10.9in)
Net Weight 8.5kg / 18.7lb
Frequency Response 65Hz - 20kHz ± 3dB on reference axis
Frequency Range -6dB at 49Hz and 30kHz

Sensitivity 89dB spl (2.83V, 1m)
Nominal Impedance 8 ohms (minimum 3.6 ohms)
Power Handling 50W - 120W into 8 ohms on unclipped programme

For a small room, they have plenty of bass.
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I know one thing. When I buy my new computer next month I'm getting the B&W Leisure monitors to use as computer speakers. Oh yeah!
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okay wab, seriously, your little avatar freaks me out. It gives me the chills and makes my eyes water.
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okay wab, seriously, your little avatar freaks me out. It gives me the chills and makes my eyes water.
hehe.. that's probably the least disturbing Aphex Twin image out there. People who have seen the Come To Daddy and Windowlicker MTV videos will know what I mean.
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Or ditch the McCormack for an integrated that has a remote.
Vert, there are some very nice, and not too expensive, integrateds that include remote. Given your listening environment and potential speakers, I don't think spending thousands on an amp is wise.

Personally, living in an apartment and listening to speakers in a small room, I question spending too much on a loudspeaker-based system. I would much rather get a high-quality system that's not too pricey. When/if you eventually move into a house, if you decide to get a full-blown "big rig," the smaller system will make a wonderful 2nd system.

For example, Creek makes some excellent sub-$1,000 integrateds with remote. The Creek 4330 is raved about in the audio press, and costs around $550 with remote. I haven't heard the Creek with the Triangles, but we're talking just over $1000 for some pretty killer equipment. I know it's what I would want to audition right now.
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What's this obession with Creek amps?


There are loads more amps that come with remote, In Fact, I've only seen a few that (Solid state) doesn't (i.e. X-A2). But most Manufacture will certainly have one in their range that has one, even £150 Marantz amps come with one.

Here's a "small" list of amp brand

Audio Analogue
Audio Note
Cambridge Audio
Chord Electronics
Mark Levinson
Musical Fidelity
Pink triangle
TAG McLaren
Talk Electronics
Unison Research

And 90% of these brand will have a remote with their amps.

It makes the range of choices of headphone amps to shame really, and each brand has their own range of amps. If this is an ocean, it makes the headphone circle the size of a pond.
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What's this obession with Creek amps?
LOL, who has an obsession?

I just mentioned the Creek because it's so highly regarded in it's price range, it's small, and it seems perfect for getting "highe-end" sound out of small apartment use.
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Vertigo_1, I am still a little confused as to what you are looking for. Are you looking for small speakers to set next to your computer, or a nice pair of bookshelf speakers with good quality stands?
I'm pretty confused too as to what I want at this moment. I *really* wanted this to just replace my PC speakers on my desk since I'd have to go out of my way to get space for stands, but the more I read in this thread the more I get a sense that good bookshelfs on desks are a big no no. So I dunno. It's also kinda sad that stands cost pratically 1/4th or more of a speaker's price too.

Mac, I agree with you on overloading on the price at the moment. Mainly because at the volumes I have to listen at, there are passages that I totally just can't even hear. This makes me question whether or not spending tons more money on speakers is going to help out in that area. On one note, I read a very favoring review yesterday of the Triangle Titus where the reviewer spent a good sized paragraph commenting on how great it sounded at low volumes...he even bothered to run them at the lowest volume possible and said they still sounded great. The more I read about the Titus, the more it seems perfect for me, especially as a starting point to all this. Plus as you say it'd tide me over till I own some big grand house or something for those B&W Nautilus snails or something.

ray, I know the magic word of the day in the end is "audition", but this is Hawaii we're talking about here, which runs on an economy based upon tourism, which isn't exactly at its best right now. We just don't have too many here that can afford the audiophile hobby, and therefore have pratically no shop around where we can audition things. Considering that one shop I went into the other day was pimping a $6000 CDP against a $20,000 Linn Sondek CD12 just for the hell of it, I highly doubt they're going to carry bookshelfs for auditioning. It was a great shop, but they were toting stuff and only stuff way beyond my price range. After reading some articles last night on speaker placement, combined with the word audition which I can't do, makes this whole thing seem a lot harder than I thought. And it makes it even more tempting to reach for the cheapest speaker possible.

It's funny that a lot of people tell me to audition, because everytime I see that word, I mentally add in "I wish". It's just not even possible out here...the only way would be to truck in equipment from dealers that allow returns, and after the whole Jupiter thing, I'm not too excited about doing that all over again.

BTW, if you're wondering what my room size is, it's 10 feet by 10 feet.
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Lemme guess, the computer is pressed up against a wall?

If you really only want speakers that would make better computer speaker replacements perhaps you shouldn't over-spend.

Typical computer desk up against a wall doesn't support quality bookshelf speaker listening. Not to mention ambient computer noise.
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Well, not sure if you saw that pic I took long ago of my desk, but basically I have a 19" monitor right in the middle of the desk, and two panels on either side of it that supports a shelf that goes over the monitor. Between the monitor and panels there's about 8-9" of space left, and my desk is a good 5-6 inches away from the wall...I had intended to stuff the bookshelfs between the monitor and the panels (which reminds me I shouldn't look at B&W's at all, since I believe they're not shielded?).

Now, my other option, with some serious moving around, would be to get stands to go around the desk.
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The problem is I think you want clearance on the order of feet, not inches for bookshelves.

One idea is complementary speakers besides replacing your computer speakers, which are opposite and more distanced to your sitting situation, however the problem is you need to probably swivel around or sit somewhere unobstructed to listen to speakers which is a big inconvenience factor.

I think you are thinking about near-field monitoring situation...unfortunately I think you can expect a type of sound that is inbetween headphones, and a more enveloping traditional speaker listening situation with more distance.
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Vert, if you find speakers you like, I'll bet space wouldn't much of a problem anymore. you're thinking the wrong way around. you arragne a room round the speaker, you don't pick speakers on the space you got for em
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It's getting confusing, isn't it?

It's not advisable shipping in speakers unless you decide before hand to just be happy with them. Unless you get lucky, it will be a nightmare otherwise.

Here's a few thoughts:

-Unshielded speakers will not always mess with your monitor. It might, though.

-I think NoRH has some speakers that work up against the wall.

-If you go with some high quality bookshelves and jam them against the wall, they will not reach their full potential, but will still sound good. You may find yourself in a different situation later, where you can really unleash them, though.

-Forget funky amp combos for now. If you're new to speakers, it might be good to get into a sweet spot and be happy and live and learn from there. A quality intergrated amp will get you there.

-If this is for the computer station, there's no way you will be able to enjoy the full ambient effects that are a big, big part of what speakers are all about. No way. A last option is to look into the better mutimedia systems like Videologic.

-audtioning: Check out Video Life near CompUSA. They don't have the full listening room situations, but you might see something you like and at least be able to listen to it.

-listening at low vol. levels: I don't care what any experts say. You are a detail oriented headphone listener used to some of the best equipment in the world. Speakers just don't come alive until you reach moderate levels on up.
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Norh has a few options. The least expensive one, the 3.0, is actually meant to be used as hi-fi replacements for computer speakers. So they'd be a perfect fit, sizewise. Not sure how detailed they are, but since they use full-range drivers, I'm guessing they wouldn't be as detailed in the highs as something like the Titus. The Prism series is meant to not need a sub, and doesn't need a stand. However, these are less detailed than the horn-shaped equivalents.
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