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Didn't mean to worry anyone or offer a prognosis...I was only saying that you should get your jaw checked out first.

Even simple things like yawning will effect your inner-ear pressure I think. ENT is a specialization I believe because these functions often have some degree of overlap. Kind of like losing the sense of smell can kill your taste as well. I don't think anything is wrong though, it could just be classic Grado sore ears.

Oh and if you are even thinking about good speakers...don't even think about using a built-in amp in a computer subwoofer.

Do you know why a great majority of computer speakers (which are active, i.e. built-in amp either in speaker or sub instead of dedicated amp), are hissy is not because speaker diapghrams can be HISSY...its the cheezy built-in amp. Course not that it really matters, very few computer speakers would sound that much better with a better amp anyhow.
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Oh and if you are even thinking about good speakers...don't even think about using a built-in amp in a computer subwoofer.
Heheheheh I didn't think I could get away with that one... Alright, seperate amp it would be then...
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Vertman, sorry to hear of your ear problems. Definitely take care of yourself, which I'm sure I don't need to tell you, but I feel better doing so. We do not want to lose those precious ears of yours! (Or the guy wearing them, for that matter )

Definitely see all the specialists you can -- get some tests and hopefully it's something temporary or non-ear related (ie wisdom teeth) or can be treated. Based on your listening habits, this doesn't make a whole lotta sense, so get yourself checked out by a few different doctors.

On to more pleasant business -- speakers! A much more dangerous and intimidating world they lie in. Tons of things to choose from (especially finish, my fave ) and then there's placement, isolation, etc. etc.

In my few months of auditioning equipment, the absolute best treble came from some miniature beauties: Acoustic Energy AE1
These speakers had the absolutely most magical, most detailed, most extended treble I have ever heard in a speaker. Treble better than any headphone I've heard, including the etymotics. These were also the most expensive speaker I've heard, at about $2200/pair. And these are smaller than they look from pics. You could probably fit em both in a large backpack. Although only if you want to break your back. These things weight a ton, being concrete lined internally! No resonances here.

My second favorite, and the speakers I eventually purchased, were the Silverline Audio SR-12

These are a little bit larger, but small nonetheless. (As you can probably guess, I was after small speakers for my apartment as well) A much more affordable speaker too, at $1000 (or $1200 if you're into premium finishes...I personally have an addiction to piano gloss black) retail. These did not have the detail or the magical quality of the AE1, but the rest of the spectrum was definitely competitive if not better. Sparkling treble and forward, these definitely involve even at low volumes (although this also depends on amp). The bass goes down to about 55 or so before crapping out. This seems about right for the size of the speaker. If you want some pumping, deep bass, you're going to have to add a sub. I personally might get one in the future, but these are still quite satisfying.

Take care Vert.
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Thanks for the concern Moo, and for the speaker suggestions! Man lot's of juicy speaker suggestions, this could be fun.

And oh man I WANT BETTER SPEAKERS REAL bad now. Here's why...

I come home today, and figured no headphones, so I'll just waltz over to my Playstation 2 and play a CD off of it, since it was already connected to my speakers for gaming. Of course nowdays I can never sit still without glancing at the Jupiter every now and then, wondering if I should return it or halfway through the CD I stop the PS2, and figure I'd give the Jupiter another chance at the speakers. I'm playing at a fairly room filling level.

Now obviously this is NOT a fair CDP comparison...however, just a couple of days ago, I swear I could NOT hear a difference between the PS2 and the Jupiter using Etymotics.

Well, turn on the Jupiter, hit Play, sit back waiting to be disappointed...and...wait. Whoa...I could swear that sounded realer. More details...things are sounding very real and very clear...soundstage seems wider...*bass and midrange kicks in* oh man, I'm feeling things more. Oh man so THIS is the Jupiter in all it's glory!!!

To make it short, the Jupiter just completely and utterly blew away the PS2 as a CDP, on *speakers*. On headphones there wasn't even as much of a difference that'd make it worth paying for. But man on looks like some of you guys really are took speakers to allow me to finally hear, like, a 500% difference. If you asked me now what I think about the Jupiter, I'd say it was well worth its price. The gut feeling impact that I got in the Jupiter, just was not felt on the PS2, where all I got was music. Music as in radio styled listen to, but not to emotionally get you involved. That first startup moment where the first thing that popped into my head about how much more real instruments sounded all of a sudden...I'll never forget that.

The decision of whether or not to keep the Jupiter just became MUCH more difficult.
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remember when u start demoing speakers vert that room placement will have the biggest impact on sound. i suggest u start gathering info on placement setups before u get urself in to deep. a modest system, setup right can sound a million times better then a 250k system just thrown into a room. u need to figure out where in room u can possible place whatever speakers u buy, then figure out which will work well in those spots.

some links to get u started: (this one is neat)

enjoy, try to keep ur head from exploding
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This isn't good Vertigo, hopefully this is a temporsry problem and it will mysteriously go away, or be your wisdom teeth.

As far as my personal speaker reccomendations go, if you just want to replace your computer sattelites, I would reccomend something along the lines of the Paradigm Atom, as someone else recently mentioned, no need for expensive speakers being attatched to a computer amp.

If you wanted to go all out and get a really nice pair of speakrs, I have listened to the Sonus Faber Concertino a bit and have been fairly impressed with em. I love the highs they have, and bass response is quite good for the size of the speaker. I think they are about $950 for the pair. Build quality is fantastic, too. That said, they do seem to like a good amplifier.
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Like MacDEF said, I'm rather into details...nice sparkly brilliant highs especially tend to get me going, especially as in this case I can't bother much with the lows and have it loud enough to "feel it in your gut" anyways. Since I haven't been hearing that much lately with headphones, you guys think speakers might be able to bring that treble back to my ears? Well actually I know it can from that speaker demo I heard with the Linn Sondek CD12, the speakers were just pumping out cymbals like I was at a live performance, 15 feet away from the stage. But can bookshelfs pull that off?
Not to repeat myself, Vert, but *please* give those Triangle Titus a try -- I want to hear what they can do But seriously, they really sound perfect for you -- one of the reviews specifically said that the cymbals sounded live LOL! If you can find from a retailer with a return policy you could give them a try.
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I just had an odd thought...maybe a good computer speaker would work after all:

I haven't heard these, but the big ET planars sounded great the last time I heard them...Bruce Thigpen is a gifted designer, but I just don't know what compromises he made to create a planar speaker this small (and this cheap).
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Hirsch, when I mentioned bookshelf electrostatics, those ET speakers were indeed the kind of stuff I was thinking about.
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Vertigo, I am very sorry to hear about your condition. I just hope abstinence from Grados will improve your problem just as it did for Braver. And I hope some specialist can come up with a theory what's wrong and what is to be done about it. I have never had one, but I guess ear-infections can be painful as well. Maybe this can be treated with anti-biotics?

Anyhow, I keep my fingers crossed!
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Diva Swans M1

How about these: Diva Swans M1

Bookshelf spk. (8 1/2" w x 13" h x 12 " d) w/ a ribbon tweeter, $799

Haven't heard anything about how they perform, but it does sound like a great deal. Also, the Diva brand name is very highly respected in audiophile circles as a best-bang-for-the-buck company. Only problem is that they only deal over the internet, if you're interested, they can be purchased here:

More info on Diva speakers can be found here: AVSForum
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Vertigo: first, sorry to hear about your problems. I already have tinnitus (which you luckily don't) but I think it got worse last year so I reduced my headphone listening.

About noticing details on speakers you haven't on headphones - yeah, no kidding. I got my new speakers a month ago and I am amazed every day about things I never heard on my headphones. The soundstage is a very big gain, but there's more. The instruments sound more real from speakers. I noticed many people mention imaging and maybe even 3 dimensionality of sound being casualties when you move to headphones, but I always thought there's more to it. The crossfeed effect when listening from speakers is missing on all headphones, no matter how good they are, we know that (possible partial exception being K-1000). Electronic crossfeed on headphones is one attempt to fix this. It is not only imaging that improves with crossfeed. I have noticed how instruments change their timber and sound closer to speaker sound when crossfeed is engaged. However, this is only a half step in right direction. Maybe more investigation into crossfeeds should be conducted.

Your experience with Jupiter is similar to what I get when I exchange cables. With headphones it was very hard to notice difference in cables (to be fair, I didn't have higher end stuff). With speakers, it's much easier to pick things up. Same goes about quality of my DAC. It is not that obvious on headphones but speakers reveal its superiority without fail. And that all on a mediocre Marantz amp (I spent so much on speakers that I have no money right now for a good 2 channel amp).
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Sorry to hear about your ear problems. Hope everything is OK.
The most detailed dynamic speaker I have heard is Thiel. They go very high, and low in frequency, image well, are very spacious, and are built like tanks. Looks are good too. But, on the down side they are inefficent, expensive, and bright in my opinion. But, almost everything sounds bright to me.
If you could find the room, the Magnepan speakers are a good choice also. I will also second the recommendation for the B&W 805s.
Remember one thing, a speaker system is only as good as your room. Good luck!
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Hey Vert-

I knew you would eventually come around on that Rega. I know my Planet 2000 sounds outrageous, so that Jupiter has to be a killer!! BTW, I listen to my hi-fi system with my speakers more than with the cans. However, I'm not giving up on your not being able to listen with phones until the "fat lady" sings.

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Vertigo, Monitor Audio also has a US website where you can search for dealers:
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