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Does anyone have the iPhone LOD pinout? - Page 18

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I have small problem with DIY LOD for iTouch 4G. Pin 2 is GND, 3 right channel, 4 left, 11 connected to 15 and then to 21 with 68k smd resistor. But my 68k resistor measures only 66.8K. I've tried with Touch 2G and 4G, with both my LOD didn't works. I have connector from Qables - http://www.qables.com/shop/images/pdf/ipodpinout.pdf Connections looks good, tested with multimeter. What's wrong? 66.8K is not enough, or maybe i need that 500k resistor from pin 21 to GND?
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Try leaving off the resistor and pin 21.  I have a Touch 3G that works without issue with a LOD using just the 2,3,4, 11, and 15 pins.

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I was wondering if anybody can help with some "strange" issue:

I have a lod connector like this one:


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 100

and also this by ALO Audio:


They are both about 3years old.

I use them to connect my rockboxed ipods with amps or to listen to ipod with my cans directly from LO.

I recently tried them with my iphone 4s but.....no can do. The music still comes out of iphone's own "speakers". Funny thing is that I also have a "reasonably" old Onkyo nd-s1 digital dock and Kef Picoforte iPod dock and they work just fine with iphone


Before going and buying some new lod connector I was wondering if anybody can give me some hint at what the problem might be?



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Are you able to pry open the black shell without breaking it and take a pic?

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Thanks for your answer.

Here it is:


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Originally Posted by huckfinn View Post


Thanks for your answer.

Here it is:



Hi huckfinn


Well Im stumped. Was thinking possibly there wasn't a 68k resistor in there but by the looks of that setup there more than likely would be although I cant see it. Maybe email ALO and ask them as its an ALO product?

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Well, the connector i pried open is not the alo audio one but the one in the first picture

Just a generic lod to 3.5mm connector bought on ebay.

I couldn't open the alo audio one but.....either one doesn't let me connect my iphone through lod........

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Originally Posted by flashbak View Post

Yes, I can attest to the configuration working since I built my cable awhile back from that exact same link. As far as I know Ken never had it right to begin with since his configuration required the iPhone to be rebooted etc...Upon multiple requests for the pinout from various people here, he never did supply any info to help!

Pinouts for Dock connector:

Pin 2: GND
Pin 3: Right Channel Line Out
Pin 4: Left Channel Line Out

Pin 11 should have a 1K resistor between it and pin 21, and also a jumper wire from pin 11's end of the resistor to Pin 30 of the dock. I've been using this for awhile and it works fine.

did this work for a long time? and with this configuration can this work for iPod classic to?

actually, i want make lod with capacitor. so, if i'm using resistor and capacitor together in lod..there are not much room for them. so, if i just make lod only using capacitor..can my lod working to my iPod classic and my iPhone 4S? help me,please.thank you.

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hi all. again still same question.

i want diy Lod to USB for my iPod classic and sometimes when i mobile, i will using lod for my iPhone 4S in my car head unit.

i'm interesting about lod with capacitor because capacitor it's make some quality in sound. but the problem is if i'm soldered the capacitor with capacitor together. there are no space for them. so if i just using the capacitor in lod, it's working for my iPod and my iPhone? which pin will be jump as replacement capasitor?

thank you and hope will help me.

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