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Does anyone have the iPhone LOD pinout? - Page 9

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Thank you, AnalogArsonist, for solving this puzzle. It will help everyone on the internet, I'm sure, as time goes on. There are a lot of people who want this little bit of info, I imagine. Gracias. I posted links on hackint0sh's iPhone hardware forum to this thread and to your blog as well.
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Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread, it has helped me greatly.

I thought I would report on how I’ve got on with my iphone 3G, an ipod breakout board and my trusty soldering iron.

I just want a dock with line out. I want to keep the airplane mode screen, as the interference is bad on my amplifier. Should be fairly simple, having read the previous nine pages, right? Just connect 1 to 11 and then use 2, 3 and 4 for audio line out.

Wrong. I don’t know if it’s my iphone, or the breakout board, but it just wouldn’t work. I fiddled for about an hour, trying different connections and finally the following worked.

Connect pins 1, 15 and 21 to pin 11. Use 2, 3 and 4 for line out.

I tried all combinations of the above once I’d got it working with no joy. I don’t know if there’s a problem with the grounding on my iphone, cos 15 and 1 should be connected internally? But without connecting them on the breakout, no joy.

Anyway, if people are struggling to get their 3G to play ball, try the above.

Next thing to try, adding USB charging too.
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You might just want to skip the connection to pin 1 altogether and just have 15 and 11 connected. I usually don't use pin 2 for audio ground because it cleans up the soldering a bit. You could use pins 15, 16, 29 or 30 for audio ground to avoid any type of shorting of the audio pins altogether. In a previous LOD, I used pins 3 and 4 for audio and connected 15 to 11 as ground. It's not all that big a deal, but I find the construction of LODs is more about reliability and mechanical integrity than about sound quality. Surely SQ is the main reason we use LODs, but I haven't heard much of a difference between wires used. It'd be hard to tell when the wires are usually only a couple inches long.
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I tried without pin one, just 15. It didn't work, even though they're supposed to be connected in the iPhone. Dunno it that's changed in the 3g or if it's just mine that's weird. Also, i thought that it would work without pin 21 connected but i didn't. Still, got it working in the end.
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This works for me

Using an Adapt Car Holder cradle for iphone 3G which got the USB charging already working.
Line-out was reached by using pin 2,3,4
Getting line-out to work: connect pin 1, 15, 11 (all gnd)
Initially connect pin 21 to gnd as well, still had line-out but no USB charging.

I used 10K resistor between gnd and pin 23, which made line-out working and USB charging both.

please note that the cradle provide now with the modification:
pin 23 = +5v
pin 27 = 2.6v
pin 25 = 2.6v.

This is working for me in my configuration. I will run it for some time to check the stability.
Normal disclaimers apply - Do this entirely at your own risk!
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Hey guys,

this thread has been a huge blessing!

I have an Alpine head unit with the older type AI-Net connectors and could not find an iphone compatible wire so i decided to modify the one i bought on ebay which has a headphone jack AND an ipod connecter connected to it.

Now the way i got it, the ipod connector doesnt do a single thing when connected to the iphone and the headphone jack works, the cool thing is that i can take calls through it very nicely.

So i decided to cut off the ipod connecter and modify it,

here's what i'm planning to do:

Iphone plug to AI NET:

Pin 19,20 Iphone plug to AI net Pin 7 Battery (do pins 19 and 20 both have to be connected?)

Pin 29,30 Iphone plug to AI net Pin 8 Power Supply Ground (Same question as above, do both pins need to be done or is either one fine?)

Pin 3 iphone plug to Ai net Pin 4 Right Signal

Pin 4 Iphone plug to AI net Pin 6 Left Signal

Pin 2 Iphone plug to AI net Pin 5 Signal Ground

Use 66kohm from pin 21 (ACC) to pin 1 (GND)

Use a tiny short piece of wire soldered from pin 11 to pin 15

Can anyone please give me a confirmation if this looks good? i have attached the pinout of the AI NET connector.

My other question is, has anyone thought about using a switch to toggle between the Line Out on the Iphone and a Headphone jack which woiuld also be connected to your radio to be able to take calls on the phone? This way you would listen to music through the LO but hit the switch when getting calls.
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It might be easier to connect the 66k resistor to pin 15 and 21, rather than 1 and 21. 15 is closer, and 1 is surrounded by all the audio pins, making it hard to get to.
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As far as a switch, that switch would have to be in the 66K resistor loop - it is that resistor that tells the iPhone "hey, we've got an audio connection here, start outputing music to the dock." If you leave the resistor connected it will continue to output via the dock, even if the audio pins on the dock aren't connected to anything.
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Not that this hasn't been confirmed, but I'll put in another confirmation that the 66K resistor works perfectly. I need to find a better source of 33K resistors, or a single 66K, because the 33k's i'm using are way too big to fit into a smaller connector (I started with the largest to make sure it all fit).
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yea i got mine at radioshack and they're not gonna be fitting either, still dont know how exactly i'm going to close the connector
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I prefer to use the Type E male connectors from Ridax. They have larger insides and can be opened for servicing. I also wanted to add that I haven't once gotten an accessory message with this 33k+33k config; I didn't have a 68k either. =T I wonder if this will just become a thing where everyone will just start using pairs of 33k resistors because AnalogArsonist did. There's already at least four of us that have done it already.
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Yeah I don't have a good source of 68k yet, and the 33k I have are huge. I used a Type E as well - works like a charm but it's huge. I have some type F's and I'm planning on trying that as soon as I find a small 68k. I also got a QB (the REALLY tiny one) to play around with, but it will be awhile before I figure out how to get a resistor in there without bridging stuff and making a mess.
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Originally Posted by Juaquin View Post
I also got a QB (the REALLY tiny one) to play around with, but it will be awhile before I figure out how to get a resistor in there without bridging stuff and making a mess.
Remove unneeded pins and you should have enough room for the resistor.
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About to start my iPod Touch 2G LOD, using the 1K resistor.

Can anyone clarify what type I need to get? It seems that there's 1/2w, 1w and 5w available, I assume the smallest (1/2w) is the one to go for?

PS thanks for the great info guys, great to finally find a definitive thread on this.
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Originally Posted by ridax View Post
Remove unneeded pins and you should have enough room for the resistor.
Yeah, I always remove the unneeded pins. But it will still be really tight soldering. I'm definitely going to try

@Good Times
You want to use the 66k resistor. 1/2W is still pretty big, you want either 1/4 or 1/8.
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