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Some cap swap-out anyone???

Originally Posted by MONVMENTVM View Post
I was just thinking about capacitor replacement in the D2. The Elna Silmics are nice but there are 4x 47uF and 2x 22uF and their values seem a bit low to me.

Do you think it would work with e.g. Panasonic FM 330uF instead of the 22uF and 470uF instead of the 47uF? I mean it should work but the differences are so high, that it makes me sceptical.
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...and some follow up.
Originally Posted by MONVMENTVM View Post
Yes they'll fit. The bigger (8mm diameter) caps (47uF) could be replaced by some 10mm diameter 470uF caps (they have the same height of course). They would fit for sure. For the 6mm 22uF I would take some 8mm 330uF of the same height which should also fit because there is plenty of room.

Of course I could also take some of the same diameter. Then I would take these 330uF instead of the 47uF and instead of the 6mm 22uF I'd take some 6mm 120uF. It would have more capacity anyway.
Originally Posted by MONVMENTVM View Post
Yes I could take for example Panasonic FC, FM or Nichicon VR or SR, or some Rubycon ZL or ZLH which have low ESR. I don't know exactly which one to take though ^^.

I think I will also take some Polypropylene instead of the Polyester caps.
Originally Posted by jamato8 View Post
Yep, I don't like polyester, ech. anyway the Panasonic FC are pretty good. A nice low esr and general quality for a electrolytic.
Originally Posted by jamato8 View Post
I emailed iBasso because I haven't traced the circuit board and don't know the function of each of the caps mentioned. They said changing the 47uf to 470uf is fine but the 22uf should be left as is.
Originally Posted by MONVMENTVM View Post
Thanks jamato8 for the info about the caps.

I ordered some Rubycon ZLH and some Panasonic AM (because they were in the category Audio Caps and quite cheap). If they aren't good, the Rubycon will do the job fine for sure.

Did iBasso tell you what the 22uF caps are for?
... and then this sub-topic goes dry. I'd be very interested to hear results if anyone has swapped caps.
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And here's HiFlight's kit offering:
Originally Posted by HiFlight View Post
In response to requests, a D2/P2 "Top Kit" including (2) LM6172, (1) THS4032 and (1) ISL55002IB is now available. This will allow mix and match to your own preferences with 3 excellent sounding opamps. The 3 different opamps allow for 7 different combinations, each of which makes subtle changes to the soundstage and imaging.

It is hard to imagine that one of these seven combos would not be an ideal fit for ones personal tastes and music preferences.

For details, PM or email me.
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Originally Posted by MONVMENTVM View Post
meh... somehow I have this feeling that I have to get these OPA627 to try out on the D2...

Does anyone have an AD8610/AD8620 to try in a D2?
Originally Posted by HiFlight View Post
I think you will get about the same sound for a lot less money with LM6172 in IC-2 and ISL55002 in IC7. JMHO. BTW, I have tried the AD8620 in my D2. Sounds OK, but not at the top of the list to my ears.
A bit more discussion on the OPA627 after this. Click on the quote header if you want to read it...

Ah, and a tip for adapting single opamps:

Originally Posted by MONVMENTVM View Post
Yes, exactly thats it.

If you are looking for such:
Single-to-dual Op-Amp Adapter (p/n 020302) - 020302

There are also some Dual DIP to single DIP adapters, which works exactly like the above mentioned SOIC version but this would be a bit harder to fit into the case because this adapter is quite large.

Edit: These adapters rewire pins 2 and 3 (input) and pin 6 (output) of the SOIC single channel opamps (like the OPA627) to the pins according to a dual channel opamp.
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Originally Posted by jamato8 View Post
Ok, I am confused, yes I know, nothing new. But are you using the 55002 in the ground channel or in the L/R channel? I thought the 4032 was in the ground and the 55002 was in the L/R.
Originally Posted by HeadphoneAddict View Post
After I pointed out the 6172 in LR and 4032 in the second socket, HiFlight tried it and loved it. But, neither of us had tried the 55002 in place of the 4032, so he tried it and liked it.

I didn't like the 55002+4032 as much, nor the 6172+6172, but wonder about flipping mine the other way around with the 4032 in main with 6172 in the second one.

Then there is the 4032 in main with 55002 in the ground channel. I don't know if either of us has tried that one.
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Originally Posted by powertoold View Post
Some discussion after this about current draw and battery life of some of the opamps. follow the link if you're interested.
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Originally Posted by wired00 View Post
Im new with the D2 and everything regarding opamp rolling TSi but i can atleast give you the links to where i ordered adapters + opamps - incase it helps you

heres the opamp 8pin surface mount to 8pin DIP adapter from browndog. I ordered a bunch of them
SO8 to 8-pin DIP Adapter (p/n 970601) - 970601

based off headphoneaddicts post i purchased 1x LM6172 and 1x THS4032.

i went through National National Semiconductor, High-Performance Analog for Energy-Efficient PowerWise Designs but they directed me to RS components RS Components Australia - RS Components is the leading high service level global supplier of Industrial components and tools, with over 56,000 products despatched same day. to order
Always nice to have direct links...
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Originally Posted by MONVMENTVM View Post
...I recieved my ALPS pot and I finally don't have this scratching sound anymore. The OPA627 arrived too and this one really sounds great. I put it into the L/R socket but I also swapped the 5532 with the one that was in the L/R socket before... it gives me a warmer sound now.

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Originally Posted by HiFlight View Post
The scratching sound heard from the D2 volume pot varies depending on the choice of opamps...Some make no noise at all, others quite a bit. I am, at the moment, using 2 LM6622 opamps and they make a lot of noise, but it is of little consequence, as they sound superb!
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link to external opamp list

OK, that's about it from the other thread.

What? You want more???

Well here's a really nice summary of audio opamp selections by Warren Young, who's using them in headphone amps, no less. A whole bunch of opamps to try, and general descriptions of how they sound. (That's what I need, cuz otherwise it's just a shot in the dark.) Getting a little dated now, but still, some nice info, IMO:

Notes on Audio Op-Amps
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Any others out there?
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If you use IEMs, you must try dual AD8599. They have almost no background hiss.
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Originally Posted by greenzee View Post
Looks like there's some conversation already about different opamp combos in another thread, wondering if we can start a new thread specifically about what works, and what doesn't, in the D2?

I've never rolled opamps before in any amp, so I'd love a primer on in general what size/type/? opamps should work in this amp, so I can buy some and experiment.

And of course, anyone who's got a tried and true opamp combo for the D2, please let us know.
I got into some opamp rolling in my review http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f5/min...-lyrix-306883/

I don't know the exact post where most of it is discussed, but take a look and see if that helps.

I found my favorite was LM6172 to replace the LT1364 in IC2, and then the THS4032 to replace the NE5532 in IC7.

Second was ISL55002/THS4032

Third was LM6172 in both sockets

Fourth was stock
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Wow, just finished the thread - teaches me to not reply to the first post. This is a good collection and summary of opamp trials, to move forward from here.
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I bought onlychild's D2, along with his "high gain" pcb, and his set of opamps from HiFlight.

The D2 is barely used, so I'm going to burn it in a bit before I get too serious (gives me an excuse for being too busy at the moment ). For the "high gain" PCB, I want to try to re-work it back to std gain levels, swap the pot, change some caps... you know, play around a bit.

I'm going on vacation soon, so I'll be away for a bit, but I'll post more in this thread when I get back into it.

Thanks everyone for their posts on this topic, BTW. And it was your review that prompted me to buy the D2, Headphoneaddict... well done. I'm really looking forward to playing around with this little box.

- Dave
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