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^ Commitment to MD ^

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I just uninstalled my mp3 car deck and installed my old Minidisc deck in its place. Why? Because its so much easier to grab audio from other sources like Spotify, Youtube, cable radio etc. Sure there are apps for recording to mp3, but its just easier to create mixes with hardware-based controls. With Minidisc, I can literally grab and go. I dont have to mess with naming files, copying files, files in use, or finding a track amongst the other 16 gigs of mp3s on a flash drive. I also dont have to worry about finding sources to download the mp3 files. As long as i can play it, I got it. And if I really need it in mp3 format, I will use my MZ-RH1. For car audio, the Minidisc rocks. Plus, its just different. There is something about digging out an old minidisc only to hear tracks you havent heard in years. It takes you back. It does for me anyways. I highly doubt people carry around flash drives labeled, "summer '04 house music". Even in 2012 not all mp3's play in all stereos. I cant count how many times i have downloaded mp3s only to find out they wouldnt play in my car deck. And the sad thing is its my second mp3 deck. The fact is, the mp3 decks have limitations when it comes to playing files. Some decks like embedded album art while others choke on it. Some decks wont play variable bitrate mp3s. And some mp3s that have gone through conversions, just dont play whatsoever. They should play fine, but don't. Its too bad the general public adopted a poor standard that is now used worldwide. But it doesnt surprise me. Betamax was the same way.. oh well. Minidisc is still an excellent format, even in 2012.
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Not sure creating mixes is something I'd do in the car. I always found that the hardware controls on MD/HiMD were never well laid out, always quirky. The solution to having problem with MP3 playback is rip your own CD's and knowing what formats your deck supports. Its not rocket science. 

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I'm considering putting my Connects2 Sony CD/MD/HDD Walkman remote connector to Sony Bus System + 2x RCA for Sony head units for sale. Anyone interested? Very rare item. Only for hardcore Hi-MD MiniDisc users, since for MDLP there are tons of MDLP car decks. PM me. I'll be putting an ad up in the classified section soon.

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