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Yeah, still. It'd be kinda bad if we all just turned up with stuff that everyone seems to know the sound off. (eg: HD600 and 650, AKG240, AKG701, Grado sr60/80 etc).
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Hmmm at least from my msn list I have 3 different individuals in Melbourne with completely different headphone/rig set ups, they have various modified headphones, exotic rare headphones, and many different takes and opinions on different types of music. From my little sample, perhaps we wouldnt all appear with the same gear.

Furthermore, Im sure we all know there are synergies among different audio equipment. We may have heard a respective amp and a respective headphone, but sometimes without the opportunity to audition them together. I personally have heard a very wide range of headphones, even to the extremely high end, but the synergy among different audio equipment is what really makes it interesting for me. eg. Listening to your set up with a different IC? What bout adding a power filter or nonstock powercable to your home rig, what would it sound like ? Will YOUR amplifier synergise with a particular headphone .... etcetc

I personall,y despite living close to a headphone shop in the past and almost every weekend without fail we would have a so called meet with all sorts of exotic headphones/iems , still find interesting synergies. I believe there would be something for everyone ...

Also I think for most of us we are there to experience the uniqueness of different headphones. Some sound signatures are acquired taste ... eg. the UM series of IEMs are said to be an acquired taste. So lets all keep an open mind, perhaps we can enjoy a wider range that way, even cheap earphones may have something 'interesting' in them too At the end of the day its just personal preference.
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I'd be keen to come along. Maybe I'll have my Starving Student built by then
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have to build up my rig first
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No worries RedBeanPaste. Youre welcome to join in no matter how simple or complicated your rig is. If you dont have a rig come anyway! Im sure those attending could share some insights about this hobby !
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anyone is welcome

please use the new thread as it will have any updates:
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