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That's roughly how it worked out last time, and I felt it wasn't long enough. Part of the problem was many people arrived later in the day. You've got to be committed to getting there early.

I think we spent a good hour and a half just on setting things up and breaking them down at the end of the day!
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sounds good. expression of interest here. If i can make it, I'll bring along my K701s, always wondered what senns sounded like
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I know lots of people are interested, but for me to check the hall-hire and make sure we have enough people to cover the cost, I need people sending me RSVPs!

This is the process:

Please email: jainash.prakash@gmail.com
Subject: Head-Fi Melb Meet - RSVP [UserName] [NUmber of people]

This way, I can see how many people then work out whether or not it will cover the hall-hire etc.

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quick nump - i need numbers so i can work out costing of hall hire and whether its gon be worth it!
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C'mon guys, e-mail Feedmetrance otherwise nothing will happen.
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July 19th sounds good to me. Me and a friend will be there
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I have 10 confirmed so far, a few people are brining friends so say abt 12-13

We need more people!
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C'mon. If you're coming sign-up. We don't want to be meetless.
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If we can get a few more people going . I can get some nice lucky draw prize/s from Jaben Network !

Hope this attracts more people to attend !!
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Excellent, what kind of prizes

Ohh yeah, and a reminder to all. BRING HATS.
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Well let me keep you in suspense . But the prize/s are definitely reasonable. Most of us could use a PAIR.

Thats it !
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10 people so far, the place I was looking at is gon end up at like $25pp to cover the hall hire.

Does anyone know any better place, with 10 people, maybe something smaller, cheaper?
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hmm if it's gonna be 10, maybe someone can just kindly offer to open up their homes for an afternoon?
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If it's such a small group we would be best finding out what others have to see if it's even worthwhile.

I also cannot believe that there is not more people interested. It's a city of over 4.5 million people.
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Well its the quality and the variety of the stuff that people bring that counts. Not the number of people . Besides its a good opportunity to socialise, rather than just words on a screen (and sometimes a picture) representing each of us here .
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