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I might know a place I can get for little hire cost, but not sure about the plug points, theres lots of desks and whatnot.

I will do some research, and see what I can organise.

If anyone wants to assist with organising - please email me:
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ok - i asked the place, i will find out some prices to rent it, and based on this will go see how things go!

can we set some dates and times please>?
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Sent e-mail. Happy to help where I can.
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Hey Jai, it's probably worth waiting to hear back from them to see what availability they have first, then we can work around it. Personally I'd prefer to do it on a weekend.
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So let's say I work with a weekend in July?

Maybe a Saturday afternoon?
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I really think a full day should be considered, starting no later than 9 or 10am. I think things didn't get into full swing until just after lunchtime last meet, which didn't leave a lot of time to listen and discuss different gear.
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Hey there ,

Im expressing interest for the meeting
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Hey, just if possibly not at the very end of may, or begining of July, or i'll no doubt miss it. But yeah, if it's the only time, go ahead, and i'll do my best to get there.
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Uni holidays in June will work for me.
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Anytime on a weekend will be great for me ... will definitely make time
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ok guys

Wingate Avenue Community Centre - Home

i developed the website for these guys, so they are happy to help me out with hire of the hall

its in ascot vale

if this is a alright place, hav a look at some pics, i can start making arrangements

i know this sounds petty, but might require small entry fees to cover hall costs, and probable purchase of power adapters and extension cords

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Sounds good (plus I don't think we have any other options at the moment!). What date have they got free? Have we picked a date yet? What about Saturday July 19th?

I'm happy to pay a small fee if required, although attendees can probably bring their own powers cords, etc. like last time. If it helps, we can make a check-list for people so they bring everything they need.
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Same i'm happy to pay a small fee and a bit extra for you organizing it.
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Sorry guys - won't be there, but have an awesome meet - and don't forget some impressions and photos...
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ok guys

Saturday 12th July
Saturday 19th July

Which one, so I can get a hall booked.

Also, can anyone who is def interested, email me:, so I know how many people, and then I can justify the hall cost, I do not want to have to book a hall for $200 and know 3 people are going to come.

Just subject line: Head-Fi Meet - RSVP


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