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Melbourne, Australia Meet - 2008  

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Okay, rather than clog up other people's threads hinting at the idea of the next Melbourne meet, I figure I should just start a thread for it and see what happens.

At the moment, this is just an interest check to see what sort of numbers we're looking at. I'd love to hold this one again, however I recently moved the business to a smaller studio and don't have the space for a large group anymore (if anyone has some space to spare and wants to host the meet, or has any suggestions for a venue, then please let me know). I'm still happy to coordinate and run the event.

Add your name to the list below if you're interested in attending.
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I'd like to come but depending when it is held, I may not be able to attend
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I'm based in Sydney, but depending on dates I could be along.
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yes ill be there!
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I'm in adelaide, if the time allows i'm glad to attend
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sign me up!
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edit: sign me up, but this post removed cos it was in the wrong thread
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Anyone want to pick a date for this one? How about we aim for mid June if we can find a venue?
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Could we possibly put this somewhere in the school holidays? If it's before I have mid years and if its after I'll probably have too many assignments to go.
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We can try... when are the school holidays?
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Term 1: 29 Jan (pupil
free day), 30 Jan (students
start) – 20 Mar
Term 2: 7 Apr–27 Jun
Term 3: 14 Jul–19 Sept
Term 4: 6 Oct–19 Dec

So I guess 28 June - 13 July = school holidays mid year.

I really wish we had the resources to develop a meet to the levels of CanJam, but from our last meet which was nice a small, it's going to just be a bunch off Head-Fiers with their equipment, and everyone trying out everyone elses stuff.
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I'm there with bells on. I'm really keen to get some exposure to some more gear. I could bring along ety ER4Ps and I'll have my Pico by then as well.
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I'll be there with my source/amp/DAC and headphones.
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I'll be in Melbourne from end of July thru mid September....if the meet will fall during that time.
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Any ideas on when the meet will be? (Just curious and excited, I don't know anyone who shares my obsession).
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