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What's inside the Grado cable?

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Has anyone info about what's inside the very thick grado cable? Someone who has recabled them would probably know? A picture of cross section (something like in picture below) would be nice.

If I've got it right, there should be 2 kinds of cable on current models:

Standard copper connecting cord (SR60-SR225)
UHPLC copper connecting cord (SR325i-RS1/GS1000)

I was suprised that according to Grados website iGrados also have UHPLC copper connecting cord. Seems a bit strange to me.
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Phoenix feather.
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Originally Posted by intoflatlines View Post
Phoenix feather.
You forgot the pixie dust.
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Phoenix feather.
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You forgot the pixie dust.
I think another company already trademarked that...
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Fishtank filter hose, and magnet wire. Thats why it rattles when ya shake it. lol

Who knows what the heck is in there. I really dont like the look and feel of grado wires, but i do like the headphones.
Theyre classy crap. They rot, but i cant do without them...lol.

Theyre beautiful junk...lol.

Someone out there must have a broken grado of each type and can open the cable and photograph them for us.

The igrado has a very thin wire in it, so please dont tell me their top cans got that thin wire feeding them!

Grado- a Love/Hate relationship i cant do without
My favorite trash
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If you've recabled a Grado before, you'll know.

I didn't take mine apart below the Y, but it seems like a 22awg 4 conductor cable. No extra shielding like that picture. Just the conductors, each jacketed. Then a molded jacket over the four conductors.

I may be wrong on the AWG, just an estimate.
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Grado cables are pretty weak looking on the inside as are most stock cables, not really sure what gauge or brand they could be though.
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Yeah i love grado,,they stink...lol
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what Punnisher said. not shielded...but jacketed. in the rs1 cable it's white, red, and two dark blue jacketed cables. the wires are quite thin...nothing especially remarkable about them, IMO.
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sorry to resurrect... but just had to bump this for more opinions.....
especially on the upper ends ....

and what awg wire grado phone uses in their phones?

i guess im just trying to compare the 325i stock cable directly to the cardas 4x24 cable.... that seems to be a nice pairing and worthy upgrade....
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also.. seems like some of the newer mid to high range grados have 8 conductor cable... any comments on opinions on that and how that would improve sq? i guess it would be very interesting to see

if the quad recable trend goes by the wayside and emerge a new 8 conductor wire trend?
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I realize I'm bumping an OLD thread... sorry for that but I cant find a cross-section picture of the 8 conductor cable.


Specifically, is it shielded? twisted? anything different that a typical 8 conductor snake cable?


I thinking of buying a Grado extension cable, and replacing the cable on my 325's with it to make it longer... and eliminating that stupid "Y" thats always twisted.




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