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Avoid These Headphones!

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I'm talking about the sony mdr-g62

They cost £25.00 and are mainly used for portables, and have to be THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE pair of headphones I have ever ever worn They have a band with two clips on the ear pads to slip over the backs of your ears. Result said clips dig in to the backs of your ears. Tried adjusting them until they are comfortable and then the damn headband (which is positioned at the back of the neck so you cant even lie down to listen to them!) jabs into the back of your neck whenever you move so that ain't great either. It's a pity as apart from that "small" problem they actually sound pretty good. With the freebie in-ear ones (which I have always found uncomfortable, the right one always seems to fall out )There was virtually no bass at all. Put these in and its damn who turned the bass up!!

I used to wear them at work listening to my sony portable md player, now i have just chucked them in the corner of my room slowly gathering dust. Says it all really.

Avoid these headphones please!

Sorry for the rant back now to normal service
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Well, the Sony CD10 headphones are pretty bad, as well.
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